Trouva Sneaker Cleaning Kit Review

Trouva Sneaker Cleaning Kit



The Trouva Sneaker Cleaning Kit helps keep your kicks looking fresh! The Kit includes 1 beechwood handle bristle brush, 1 easy erase sponge, 1 microfiber cloth and 10ml cleaning solution.

For the first test, I took a pair of lightly worn pair of shoes (1 or 2 wears) and started by cleaning the outsole. I cleaned a small section with each cleaner. I found this kit was able to remove most of the wear.

Trouva Sneaker Cleaning Kit Review

For the second test, I took a pair of Roshe Runs that have been through some use (10-15 wears) and cleaned sections of the misole. Roshe midsoles are pretty tough, but the Cleaning Kit did a great job.

Trouva Sneaker Cleaning Kit Review

Finally, for the third test, I took a heavily used pair of Nike Free trainers that were covered in dirt and mud. I cleaned sections of the midsole. The cleaning kit did a fantastic job.

Overall, the Trouva Sneaker Cleaning Kit is a great cheap solution to keep your trainers nice and clean.

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