Trine 2 Nintendo Switch Review

Trine 2 Nintendo Switch



Trine 2: Complete Story, grabbed me with its unique graphical style and puzzle elements. The idea to switch characters in order to reach certain parts of the game was genius.

Trine 2 Nintendo Switch Review

Trine 2 is a sequel, though I never played the first game. This didn’t make it any less enjoyable. You begin the game with tutorials for the 3 main characters Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight, and Zoya the Thief. Each offers a unique ability and attack style.

Trine 2 Nintendo Switch Review

You can level up the skills of your characters by finding glass jars around the game. Some are easy, some are more difficult. I had to use a combination of my 3 characters in order to get to one. Skills range from levitating monsters to elemental arrows and freezing shields. These get more and more expensive, so you have to keep your eye out for these jars.

Trine 2 Nintendo Switch Review

The gameplay reminds me a lot of Tomb Raider. The levels consist of 70% puzzles and then 30% monsters. As long as the puzzle is fixed, you can escape the level, but it is made more difficult with monsters firing arrows at you. I love a good platform puzzler, especially ones with these kinds of graphics.

Amadeus isn’t very powerful when it comes to attacking. But due to his ability to conjure boxes and planks make him key to puzzle solving. Pontius packs a shield, hammer and sword. This makes him useful for hordes of enemies. Zoya is great for long-range attacks and grappling to high to reach places. She can explode barrels too.

Trine 2 Nintendo Switch Review

I found the game overall quite easy. This is in part due to the inclusion of check and health points. If you plan it right enemies can attack you on a health point, making you never die. I would have liked a harder setting which includes less of these. I found it best played on the TV, as on the handheld felt a bit more sluggish.

Trine 2 is a great puzzle platformer to have in your roster. It’s fun and has great replay potential. Finally, check out our other game reviews.

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