Trials Rising Nintendo Switch Review

Trials Rising



Trials Rising on Nintendo Switch allows you to explore over-the-top action and physics-bending motorcycle racing in the latest opus of the Trials franchise. All new features, more competitions and more tracks means new challenges. Ride challenging tracks around the world – from the Great Wall of China and New York City to the Eiffel Tower and everywhere in between. With the new hilarious Tandem Bike, get your friends and try to control one bike with two riders. From your local backyard to worldwide stadiums, defeat all your opponents online and rise to glory. Create and share unique levels in Track Central using over 10,000 items available. Possibilities are endless – and so is the fun.

Trials Rising Nintendo Switch Review

Trials Rising is a return to form. Doing away with the wacky gaming elements from previous releases. This takes you back to what mattered, completing over the top courses as quickly as possible. Controls are the same with the ability to accelerate, brake and lean forwards or back.

Failing the course will cause it to restart or return you to a checkpoint with a penalty. I found myself forcing a restart multiple times in order to make sure I could do the best run of the game. You do get to race against ghosts, who can do the course a bit faster than you. This was a benefit, as it meant I could copy their moves in order to get the best out of a jump.

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The courses are so entertaining. Each with their own unique visuals, and feel to them. You could be doing a course in the desert, then be in a swamp. Their uniqueness is key, as this makes each course as enjoyable as the next. This is what keeps me coming back to the game, as the course gets weirder.

Trials Rising Nintendo Switch Review

Achievements are still there, but easy to get through the course. You don’t need to go off map or anything as drastic like previous Trials games. You are also encouraged to play previous tracks again in order to get points.

Any customisation option is available via a gear crate and purchasing them. This includes a different style of bikes and looks to your rider. Pricing for these items is ridiculous, and not something I will be partaking in.

Trials Rising Nintendo Switch Review

My suggestion? Grab the game and ignore the IAPs. They aren’t needed and the game is fun enough without them. Finally check out our other gaming reviews.

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