TP-Link Tapo Smart LED Light Strip Review

TP-Link Tapo Smart LED Light Strip



TP-Link Tapo Smart LED Light Strip has extra-added white LED light beads, spanning over the Light Strip, emitting high-lumen white lighting. It makes Tapo L930-10 an all-rounder, serving diverse illumination purposes. Tapo L930-10 generates a soft transparent light through its exterior PU coating. It’s easy to attach it the way you want.

Our high-tech coating protects all the LED beads well and makes them easy to maintain. As Tapo’s first Light Strip that supports Apple HomeKit, it enables users to control it via multiple devices using simple vocal commands. Try controlling your smart home with Siri.

They’re still sticking and working after nearly four days and show no signs of falling, which is a good sign. Used to decorate my shelves and wall. They have a lot of cool presets that you can edit the colour and speed of however you like and are easy to set up!

TP-Link Tapo Smart LED Light Strip Review

TP-Link Tapo Smart LED Light Strip Review

The app took a little longer to install but I can’t tell if that’s the fault of the app or my internet connection, connecting them to the lights is simple enough and the instructions are easy to follow. My only complaint is when you order the two in one you expect more than one plug/connector – however, you simply get a dual RGB connector (if that’s the right term) for the two sets of lights, as shown in the third image, which limits where you can place the lights after setting one of them. Perhaps that could be made more clear in the Product section unless I missed something.

To add, I rarely use the switch that comes with it and mainly switch it on and off via the app, so the switch feels rather unnecessary and an extra thing to potentially damage your walls with (and be warned, it will, even from being placed on the wall for a second the command strips(?) damage it, so I had to stick it onto a plastic surface rather than the wall itself). Not quite sure if it will be reusable after I move out of Uni Halls, as there’s not exactly anyway to store it where dirt won’t stick on it, though I did keep the strip that was protecting the adhesive side previously so I’m hoping I can restick it when the time comes to take it down.

Ovberall, the TP-Link Tapo Smart LED Light Strip does the job and it’s worked well so far! We’ll see how long the lights last as a whole.

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