Tower 65 Litre Ozone Sensor Bin Review – A Smart Solution to Waste Management

Tower 65 Litre Ozone Sensor Bin



Waste disposal might not be the most glamorous aspect of household management, but innovations like the Tower 65 Litre Ozone Sensor Bin can turn even this mundane task into a seamless, almost futuristic experience. In this review, I’ll dive deep into how this sensor bin from Tower Housewares revolutionizes kitchen hygiene and efficiency, assessing everything from its design and functionality to its unique ozone feature.

Sleek Design Meets High-Tech Functionality

First impressions matter, and the Tower 65 Litre Ozone Sensor Bin does not disappoint. It sports a sleek, matte black finish that blends seamlessly into any modern kitchen. The bin’s design is minimalist yet stylish, ensuring that it doesn’t just perform well but also enhances the kitchen décor. Its tall, cylindrical shape maximizes capacity without occupying too much floor space, an essential feature for any family kitchen.

The lid of the bin is where the high-tech aspect really shines through. Equipped with a non-contact motion sensor, it allows for a touch-free operation—simply wave your hand above the sensor, and the lid opens smoothly, which is a boon for when you’re dealing with messy kitchen tasks. This feature not only adds convenience but also promotes hygiene by minimizing contact with the bin surface, reducing the spread of germs.

Tower 65 Litre Ozone Sensor Bin Review - A Smart Solution to Waste Management

Capacity and Build Quality

With a capacity of 65 litres, this bin is well-suited for families or those who cook often, minimizing the frequency of taking out the trash. The size is substantial enough to handle day-to-day waste but not so large that it becomes cumbersome in a domestic kitchen.

The build quality of the Tower Ozone Sensor Bin is robust, with a body constructed from non-corrosive stainless steel. This material choice is not just about aesthetics; it also ensures durability and resistance to smudges and fingerprints, keeping the bin looking clean and fresh with minimal maintenance.

Innovative Ozone Generator – The Game Changer

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of this bin is its built-in ozone generator. Ozone is well-known for its ability to neutralize odors and kill bacteria and viruses, which is a significant advantage when it comes to waste management. The generator activates every six hours, releasing ozone into the bin to help break down the bacteria that can cause unpleasant smells. This means fewer worries about any nasty odors escaping when you open the bin, a common issue in many households.

This feature is particularly beneficial in maintaining a healthier kitchen environment, as it not only masks but actively eliminates odors at their source. For families with young children or pets, or for those who cook a lot of meat and fish, this can make a notable difference in the overall freshness of the kitchen.

User Experience and Battery Life

The sensor mechanism of the Tower Ozone Sensor Bin operates on batteries, which might raise concerns about longevity and maintenance. However, the bin is designed to be energy efficient, with the batteries needing replacement only occasionally, depending on usage. The non-contact sensor is responsive and doesn’t typically require multiple attempts to trigger, which enhances user satisfaction by providing a hassle-free experience.

Installation of the batteries and the initial setup of the bin are straightforward, with clear instructions provided. The ease of use extends to routine maintenance; the bin’s smooth finish and simple design make it easy to clean, and the removable lid mechanism aids in hassle-free trash removal.

Price Point and Value for Money

Priced at a premium, the Tower 65 Litre Ozone Sensor Bin may seem like a significant investment for a kitchen bin. However, considering its advanced technology, especially the ozone generator, alongside the build quality and the convenience of the sensor-activated lid, it offers good value for those who prioritize hygiene and convenience in the kitchen.


The Tower 65 Litre Ozone Sensor Bin is more than just a trash can; it’s a cutting-edge solution to waste management that combines style, convenience, and hygiene. Its large capacity and durable construction make it a practical choice for busy kitchens, while the innovative ozone generator sets it apart from its competitors by ensuring your kitchen remains odor-free and hygienic.

If you’re looking to invest in a kitchen bin that goes beyond mere functionality to enhance your kitchen’s hygiene and aesthetic, the Tower Ozone Sensor Bin is an excellent choice. It’s a high-tech appliance that promises to make an everyday chore less of a chore and more of a seamless, hygienic experience.

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