Total Foosball With Teckell

Teckell reinvents the classic game while creating an exquisite design object. These tables are masters of their game, guaranteeing not only an unrivaled performance but exquisite beauty.

This opulent and lavish reinvention of the classic game of table football is one unmissable piece of craftsmanship. A favourite by many for its energy and action, this stunning recreation from the creators at Teckell is an investment sure to take centre stage in any household, games room or office. Whether it’s a treat for yourself or a gift for a loved one. Arguably the Calcio Balilla Foosball Games Table is a master of the sport, guaranteeing not only an unrivalled performance but exquisite beauty.

Total Foosball With Teckell

Committed to following in the steps of their Italian roots innovative Italian design meets avant-garde technology and exceptional materials. This ultra-modern football games table is crafted with 1Ž2” thick tempered crystal glass playing field to help increase the game’s speed. A walnut wood structure, handles, players and scoring units captures its robust capabilities. Meanwhile, the chrome details, polished stainless steel goal frames, handcrafted with white or black nets complete this work of art.

Total Foosball With Teckell

Designed for indoor use only, you will find discretely hidden adjustable feet for levelling the table. This ensures you can achieve the optimum height for a competitive game of table football. Not to mention the rod ends featuring two layers of shock absorption and self-lubricating bearings. So that they can effortlessly slide back and forth.

To find out more about the Calcio Balilla Foosball Games Table please visit Teckell.

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