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The TONOR TC-777 USB microphone is an all-in-one Microphone Set: Microphone with Power Cord, Tripod desk stand with folding feet, Mini Shock Mount, Pop Filter, Manual, Service Card. Letting you get everything done at once, no need to worry about buying accessories.

This has a very classic mic design, with a sleek matte finish. The dark blue with metal piping is a great look and fits in well. It comes with everything you need to get going. The mount features a mini shock mount that’s been very useful for me. Don’t like the mount? Don’t worry, as you can use the end to attach it to any mount.

TONOR TC-777 USB Mic Review

TONOR TC-777 USB Mic Review

The tripod legs are metal with rubber feet to keep it stable. The legs can open wide enough to get a good sturdy position. The mini shock mount uses elastic bands to suspend the mic, meaning vibrations won’t disturb it.

I was able to talk from around 90cm away and the mic picked me up. You can’t make any adjustments on the physical mic, it all has to be done via the PC.

There is an included pop filter which attaches to a long flexible goose-neck. I was unable to screw this in, as it just wouldn’t screw in. But I was able to push it in hard enough to stay in place. This is great especially if you have a fan or the window open as this will protect it from the air or additional noise.

This is a plug and play device, there is no need for any software. I was able to plug this in 5 mins before a zoom meeting and it was being used straight away.

This is a really good mic that can actually record musical instruments crisp and clear. Noise cancelling is above average. If you need a more crisp sound then you can use audacity to remove unnecessary minor background noises from the recording. Highly recommended for podcasts or YouTube videos, sound quality is really really good.

Overall, the TONOR TC-777 USB Mic is great for anyone starting with videos, singing or streaming. It’s cheap, sturdy and sounds great. Finally, check out Jabba Reviews. Also, follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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