TomToc Crossbody Shoulder Bag for Steam Deck/ROG Ally Review

TomToc Crossbody Shoulder Bag for Steam Deck/ROG Ally



As a gaming enthusiast, there’s nothing more crucial than the ability to transport your gaming gear safely and securely without compromising on comfort. The TomToc Crossbody Shoulder Bag for Steam Deck/ROG Ally offers just that. TomToc has cemented its reputation for designing sturdy, stylish, and practical gaming accessories, and this crossbody bag is a testament to their legacy.

Designed for the avid gamer, this bag is a tailored solution for your Steam Deck. With the dimensions of 32.5cm x 15cm x 13cm and a weight of 500 grams, it has ample room for your console and other essentials. The bag’s large capacity allows you to carry not just the console, but also your chargers, AirPods Pro, and wallet. A front pocket with a magnet closure offers quick access to smaller items like keys or a mask, contributing to the bag’s practicality.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this bag is its construction. The wear-resistant fabric on the outside and soft lining on the inside form an excellent protective shield for your gaming console. The bag’s unique W-shaped structure and thick bumper in the pocket prevent the game console from being squeezed, promising to keep your gear safe during transit. It’s tough on the outside but cozy on the inside, just as it should be.

TomToc Crossbody Shoulder Bag for Steam Deck/ROG Ally Review

TomToc Crossbody Shoulder Bag for Steam Deck/ROG Ally Review

The flexibility of this bag is another notable feature. The bag’s adjustable and detachable strap means you can carry it in the style that suits you best – shoulder, sling, or handheld. You can also stow it into a backpack or suitcase if you are travelling. This ability to switch it up makes the bag ideal for different situations and needs.

Comparatively, this bag seems to offer more protective features than the Amazon Basics Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch and Accessories, although at a higher price point. The TomToc bag’s superior protection and added versatility justify this difference in cost.

However, the bag has some room for improvement. Although the bag’s interior is not modular, the manufacturer has indicated that they might consider updating this in the future, based on user feedback. Additionally, while the bag fits the Steam Deck perfectly, fitting it with a mod case might be challenging.

Finally, TomToc’s worry-free 12-month warranty and friendly customer service add an extra layer of confidence to your purchase. It is reassuring to know that the company stands behind its product.

In conclusion, the TomToc Crossbody Shoulder Bag for Steam Deck/ROG Ally offers excellent protection, substantial space, and flexibility in carrying style. It’s a thoughtful product that seems to understand and cater to the needs of its user base. Whether you are commuting daily or on a long-haul flight, this bag promises to be a reliable companion for your Steam Deck. I am giving it an 8.5 out of 10 for its solid design, practicality, and the minor improvements needed.

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