Toast Genuine Leather Mouse Pads Review

Toast Genuine Leather Mouse Pads



Make a major upgrade to your desk essentials with the gorgeous, Toast Genuine Leather Mouse Pads. Strokable, smooth, and saturated with rich colour, these leather beauties are incredibly satisfying to use! Each one is precisely laser-cut, finished, and edge-painted by hand. We can guarantee, once you try one, you’ll wonder where these have been all your life. 

Toast Genuine Leather Mouse Pads Review

Their design elevates the classic round-cornered shape with elegantly curved edge contours that give you a little extra room to scroll.

The natural suede on the reverse side naturally provides just the right amount of tooth to keep your mouse pad in place without slipping.

Durable and water-resistant, they will last beautifully through years of use and look even better with time.

Toast Genuine Leather Mouse Pads Colours:

  • Whiskey: a medium-toned, rich, classic caramel-toffee-butterscotch color.
  • Dark and Stormy: a deep, sooty, charcoal grey, so dark it’s almost black.
  • Stout: the blackest black you’ve ever seen; black hole black.
  • Bluetini: a medium, strong, sophisticated, slightly greenish-teal blue.
  • Mojito: a warm, medium mossy green with a faint touch of olive.
  • Cherry Bomb: a deep, fire-engine red with a hint of crimson.
  • Cosmo: an eye-popping, super-bright, saturated, bubble gum pink!
  • Lemon Drop: a super-sunny, egg yolk-y, smiley face, rubber duckie yellow.
  • Moscow Mule: super-shiny, reflective, bright metallic copper, like a brand-new penny.
  • Prosecco: a warm, soft, bright aluminum silver with a muted shine.

Best of all, their mousepads are fully customizable with your logo, text, or custom artwork. You’ll see your mouse pad hundreds of times per day, so it’s a perfect place to post your mantra, motivate yourself with a favourite quote, or display your brand with pride.

Customisation is the name of the game with Toast. You get a choice of 10 colours, 2 sizes, 5 logos, custom text and a custom logo. This allows you to create an individual mouse mat just for you.

Packing was very simple, with recyclable materials and a reinforced envelope. It isn’t rolled up, so it’s ready to be used straight away. This is also a very strong mouse mat, I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and it’s not frayed or worn down. Though you may need to get some leather oil just to keep it fresh and clean.

The pad itself is very thin and light, as there isn’t a thick material along the bottom. They use suede on the underside to keep it from slipping. I even tried to slide it across the desk, but it didn’t budge.

Overall, the Toast Genuine Leather Mouse Pad is a great addition to any desk setup. It’s good for the planet, durable and has a lovely smell to it. Also, why not take a look at our other Lifestyle reviews, or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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