TIMEFLIP2 Human-Friendly Time Tracker Review

TIMEFLIP2 Human-Friendly Time Tracker



TIMEFLIP2 is a human-friendly tracker, designed to make time-tracking effortless and enjoyable. Unlike software time-tracking tools, TIMEFLIP2 is a connected device. Radically different user experience results in great ease of use and instant adoption.

TIMEFLIP2 Human-Friendly Time Tracker Review

TIMEFLIP2 Human-Friendly Time Tracker Review

As first impressions go I didn’t have a good one. The TIMEFLIP2 comes in two parts, and you can install the batteries and clip the two sides together. This took two people, Google and a lot of Youtube videos. Getting the ends connected took us around 3 hours to do. Also, the insides were not properly fitted. So, the battery holder top and bottom were loose from the walls. When I took the two halves out of the box, the insides fell out and it was a pain to figure out how it went back together. But, I did.

I installed the batteries and put the two halves together – it took some heavy pressure and I was concerned that I would break it. But, it finally snapped into place.

The dice sits on my desk and blinks every few minutes. This does not bother me. Instead, it gives me a little reminder to check what task type I am on and if I have forgotten I flip it.

After you’ve logged into the app, you can assign up to 12 tasks to your TimeFlip2. You can then assign the task to each side of the TimeFlip2, using the included stickers to indicate the task.

Flipping the TimeFlip2 onto the task you are working on will start the tracking timer. Breaks are done by assigning it as a task, or by double-tapping. I have found that it took a couple of taps to register, so look out for the LED change. The app is then used to monitor tasks and this data can be exported if needed.

Overall, the TIMEFLIP2 Human-Friendly Time Tracker needs some work on the initial set-up. Past that point, it is good but needs a bit of work on the app.

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