Tilswall Cordless 360 Electric Spin Scrubber Review

Tilswall Cordless 360 Electric Spin Scrubber



The Tilswall Cordless 360 Electric Spin Scrubber changed traditional manual cleaning, caring about you! Upgrade in multiple functions. It is cordless, efficient, and the best housekeeping assistant. You can easily clean the whole house in one go with it. It’s easy to clean and saves time.

I have seen hacks before that allow you to add a brush to a power drill to make scrubbing easier. This purpose-built electric spin scrubber removes the need for any power tools but more importantly removes the backache from any cleaning that requires scrubbing!

Tilswall Cordless 360 Electric Spin Scrubber Review

It’s so easy to use – I find the battery life lasts more than long enough for me to clean all scrub-able surfaces in my house! Charging time is not the greatest but not an issue if you make sure it’s fully charged before you start the job.

It has all the right attachments (quick release for easy swapping) that allow you to get into every nook and cranny and small tight spaces like behind the toilet or sink. The adjustable end of the arm makes it easy to work with angles (like under the toilet rim) and the extendable arm helps with areas difficult to reach. It also comes with a nice wall hook to make storage easy!

Overall, if you do any form of scrubbing I would suggest you save your knees and back and the Tilswall Cordless 360 Electric Spin Scrubber.

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