TileRec Voice-Activated Recorder Review

The TileRec Voice-Activated Recorder is so slim and small than it can fit almost anywhere you can think of. It blends discreetly with everyday objects – in your pocket or wallet, between the pages of an agenda, on your desk or even on your child’s backpack.


This tiny 100% recycled aluminium housing, holds the internals of the smaller recorder I have ever used. It feels more like a tracking device than a recording device.

TileRec Voice-Activated Recorder Review

The reduced size, means a lot of bells and whistles have been removed. THings like a speaker and display aren’t there, there’s only a button, status LED, Mic and a micro USB port. There is a loop for a lanyard, which is a nice touch.

Don’t worry about dropping it, as this is incredibly strong. I accidentally dropped it and it didn’t even dent. After a couple of drops, it was still recording.

TileRec Voice-Activated Recorder Review

This is a voice-activated recorder, meaning that only when a sound is over 45dB will it start recording. Whenever there is a quiet moment it won’t record. A negative is that you need to enable this feature by editing a file on the root of the recorder. The same process is needed if you want to set the time and date, and to disable the LED during recording.

Both recording modes capture crisp and clear audio, I did notice that the voice-activated mode did miss words a couple of times. The files are saved as MP3s and stored on the device.

TileRec Voice-Activated Recorder Review

The campaign for the TileRec ends on 21/02/20, and they have already reached their goal.

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