Tile Bluetooth Trackers 2019 Review

Tile Bluetooth Trackers 2019



Tile Bluetooth Trackers, the sticker is a waterproof finder sticks to virtually anything has a 150 ft range and built-in 3-year battery. Their Slim tracker is sleek finder has a longer 200 ft range, louder ring and a built-in 3-year battery. Also, their Mate tracker is a versatile finder and has a longer 200 ft range and a 1-year replaceable battery.

Tile Bluetooth Trackers 2019 Review

Tile has done some upgrading and released a couple of new products in 2019. They have been building up their reputation to be the number one for personal tracking devices.

The first product we looked as was the newly invigorated Tile Mate. It has added 50ft to its range from the last version, giving it a 200ft range. The battery has also been boasted to a CR1632. I have this attached to my cat’s collar, so I can keep a close eye on him.

Tile Mate

Buy Now – https://www.thetileapp.com/en-gb/store/tiles/sticker

The revived Tile Slim resembles a credit card, with a non-removable battery lasting 3 years. It also packs the 200ft range, like the Mate. I currently have this in my wallet.

NEW Slim

Buy Now – https://www.thetileapp.com/en-gb/store/tiles/slim

Tile Bluetooth Trackers 2019 Review

The big one for me was the smallest release. The Tile Stickers, use 3M stickers to attach to anything. They are waterproof, and the non-removable battery lasts 3 years. It has a range of 150ft. I currently have 3 attached to my remotes, as they seem to have legs and go walkabouts. They are a little bulky and are noticeable.

NEW Sticker

Buy Now – https://www.thetileapp.com/en-gb/store/tiles/sticker

The app is the main crux of the Tile ecosystem as if the app fails to work, then the whole system falls apart. After attaching them to my wallet, cat and remotes, you load the app. It will then instantly connect to any devices in range. I can then click on the [Find] button, and a tune will play from the Tile. There is also a way for the app to show how close you are, and you can play hot and cold.

Tile Bluetooth Trackers 2019 Review

For any device not in range, you are shown its last know location. If you mark a Tile as “lost” you will then activate all the other Tile app users, and you will get a ping if anyone walks in a range of it.

For under £100 you can get enough trackers for everything important in your life. The tune played is loud, as long as it’s not under a pile of dirt or sand. The stickers are the star of the show, as I can now keep an eye on my remotes. Finally, check out our other Digital Home reviews. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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