THX Onyx Review: A powerful DAC Amp for your Headphones

THX Onyx



Amp up your headphones and upgrade to master-quality audio with the THX Onyx, a powerful, portable digital-to-analogue (DAC) amplifier equipped with THX AAA™ technology, to ensure the highest fidelity mobile listening experience for your music, movies, and games.

THX Onyx Review: A powerful DAC Amp for your Headphones

THX AAA™ technology enables the world’s highest fidelity audio and maximum dynamic range. Along with the capacity to support power-hungry, audiophile-grade headphones. Crank it up and enjoy satisfyingly loud volumes and ultra-clean sound.

Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) is an award-winning audio technology. MQA delivers a studio-quality sound and reveals every detail of the original recording. MQA Renderer technology in the THX Onyx can connect to an MQA core signal. All to complete the final “unfold” of an MQA music file and provide incredible audio quality.

The ES9281PRO digital-to-analogue converter provides the best-in-class dynamic range and lowest distortion. All with a direct rendering of MQA files in the DAC. Enjoy the studio quality of Tidal Master Quality files on the go. Also, the THX Onyx connects to any USB/USB-C port. Also, it works on Android, iOS, Windows 10, and Mac. But, there is no USB-C to Lightning adapter included.

A great addition is the built-in magnetic clasp. This enables quick and convenient cable management, ensuring there are no messy headphone wires dangling around.

This DAC amp works with a mic or without. Furthermore, all of its premium audio technology is in a tough, compact chassis. Therefore, this chassis makes it durable and easy to carry.

Overall, the THX Onyx is probably the best USB-C I have had the pleasure of using.

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