Thumbs Up Sloth 3-in-1 USB Cable Review

Thumbs Up Sloth 3-in-1 USB Cable



When I saw this Thumbs Up Sloth 3-in-1 USB cable I knew I had to have it. It’s a cute and practical addition to my collection of cables.

Sloth USB Cable

The three connectors provided allow compatibility with iPhone 5/6/7/8/X and Androids with Type-C and Micro USB devices. In the past I didn’t understand why you would want a cable with both iPhone and USB connectors, but since I started carrying a spare battery pack in my bag the interchangeable ends on a single cable have rescued several friends on a night out. I always pack the Sloth USB cable also because the reaction from people is wonderful.

Sloth USB Cable

Without fail, the person I lend this to comments on the design. The cartoon Sloth has an adorable happy grin and serves to protect the unavoidable weak spot that is common between cable and USB connector. The 3-in-1 end is nicely designed too, as the additional connectors are linked by silicone and there’s a sweet strawberry charm on the Lightning adapter. The cable is 1m, which is my only gripe as I prefer a cable long enough to allow comfortable device use, but the soft brown braided style and design is pleasant and durable.

I’ve been using this USB cable a lot when out and about, and in-between uses I’ve done the usual thing of wrapping it into a rough loop and throwing it in my bag. So far it’s held up, and the braided cable isn’t showing wear.

Sloth USB Cable

Now I have a shopping list filled with Thumbs Up products. There’s the Llama Power Bank, Cable, and Wireless Charger, which are too sweet, and I like their Pom Pom cable. If you like quirky tech finds, then Thumbs Up have got you covered.

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