Thinkware U3000 Dash Cam Review

Thinkware U3000 Dash Cam



In the world of dash cams, there are those that capture decent footage and then there are those that redefine clarity and performance. The Thinkware U3000 dash cam, the latest flagship model from Thinkware, undoubtedly falls into the latter category. Offering 4K UHD front and 2K QHD rear footage, it’s a powerhouse of surveillance for your vehicle. But does it live up to the hype?

Starting off with its most touted feature – the U3000 captures forward-facing footage in true 4K UHD and rear footage in 2K QHD. This is powered by the latest Sony Starvis2 IMX678 Image Sensors, ensuring crystal clear visuals both during the day and night. The 152° front and 128° rear wide-angle lens ensure a comprehensive view, dramatically reducing blind spots. The option to select between 30FPS or 60FPS in 2K QHD gives users the flexibility to choose between smoother and sharper images.

Furthermore, the U3000 doesn’t compromise on quality even in low-light conditions. Thanks to the Super Night Vision 4.0, optimized with Sony STARVIS2 IMX678, night recordings appear vivid, capturing the minute details that can often get overlooked in other cameras.

Thinkware U3000 Dash Cam Review

The U3000 offers two image quality settings, with the high option providing 30Mbps and the standard option at 24Mbps. The higher the Mbps, the clearer and detailed the recording, so the option to elevate the bitrate is a welcome addition.

A standout feature of the U3000 is its Parking Surveillance mode. When the ignition is turned off, this mode is automatically activated, recording footage upon motion or impact detection. However, it’s worth noting that for this feature to function optimally, professional installation of a Hardwiring Cable or OBD II Power Cable is recommended.

Adding to the surveillance prowess is the built-in Thinkware Radar. This dual RADAR, both front and rear, detects people or vehicles in low-power situations and instantly wakes up to record their motion. The sensitivity setting, adjustable in 5 steps, ensures that it can detect from as close as 1M to as far as 5M.

Thinkware U3000 Dash Cam Review

The Thinkware U3000 doesn’t shy away from ensuring you’re always connected. With the Thinkware Connected smartphone app & PC Application, users can receive notifications, review footage, and even track vehicle location in real-time. A single account can accommodate up to 30 vehicles, making it perfect for families and fleet management.

Safety is paramount, and the U3000 leaves no stone unturned here. With a built-in GPS antenna, the dash cam offers audio warnings when approaching various road safety cameras. It actively alerts for five types of road safety cameras, with regular free updates for the UK speed camera database.

Furthermore, it boasts an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) which includes warnings for rear collisions, forward collisions, lane departures, and even informs the driver when the vehicle ahead starts moving.

Thinkware U3000 Dash Cam Review

The PC/Mac viewer offered by Thinkware is intuitive and user-friendly. Through this, users can easily view, download, and manage their recorded videos. The dashboard settings, memory card formatting, and updates can also be accessed effortlessly.

The U3000 offers various recording modes, such as continuous, incident, manual, and fail-safe recording. Each mode is designed for specific situations, ensuring that no critical moment goes unrecorded.

With built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the U3000 pairs seamlessly with Android or iOS devices via the Thinkware Link App. This app allows users to replay driving videos and manage the dash cam’s settings.

Thinkware has addressed the common vulnerability of SD cards getting corrupted due to continuous overwriting. With their Format Free 2.0 Technology, the dash cam pre-allocates the memory, eliminating the regular need for formatting and ensuring the longevity of the SD card.

The Thinkware U3000 dash cam is a comprehensive package, marrying high-end recording capabilities with advanced safety features and seamless connectivity. From its impeccable 4K UHD recordings to its array of safety alerts, it’s a must-have for anyone serious about vehicle surveillance and safety. However, the need for professional installation for some features might be a slight drawback for some.

Considering its plethora of features and unmatched performance, I would rate the Thinkware U3000 Dash Cam a solid 9.5/10.

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