Thinkware M1 Motorbike Cam Review

Thinkware M1 Motorbike Cam



Whether you are a motorcycle enthusiast or a backcountry explorer on an ATV, the versatile Thinkware M1 Motorbike Cam is a 1080p all-terrain weatherproof motorcycle riding camera you can install on your vehicle to capture all of your adrenaline-filled motorsports adventures. Enjoy your ride without fear of rain, dust, or mud, thanks to the M1’s rugged & weatherproof IP66-rated body that allows it to withstand any conditions. The advanced Electronic Image Stabilization ensures you get smooth and steady video recordings, making shaky footage due to bumpy roads and vibrations a thing of the past. Conquer your ride with the M1 Motorsports Cam alongside you.

Record cinematic Full HD 1080p video coverage for the front and rear of your vehicle. Reduces vibrations and minimizes motion blurring, to ensure smooth and steady video recordings no matter what terrain you’re riding on.

Thinkware M1 Motorbike Cam Review

Thinkware M1 Motorbike Cam Review

Designed for durability and water resistance, the IP66-rated M1 can withstand and record in the harshest conditions. Get evidence of your fastest speeds alongside the video footage with the built-in GPS antenna.

Forget the hassle of checking whether or not your camera is recording. The M1 will automatically start recording when you start the ignition and power down when you turn it off. Save memorable moments of your journey and store them in a dedicated folder with just one push of the manual recording button.

Front View Camera – 140º + Rear View Camera – 140º. Uncompromised video coverage with wide viewing angles, so you never miss a moment. The video is always in the right exposure and contrast in any environment.

Super Night Vision technology reduces noise and enhances image quality in low-light conditions. The integrated Super Capacitors and Thermal Sensor provide added safety and reliability in extreme temperatures.

THINKWARE’s proprietary Anti-File Corruption Technology improves your Dash Cam’s reliability by protecting your memory card from data corruption and lost footage.

Overall, the Thinkware M1 Motorbike Cam is a must have for any motorsports enthusiasts.

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