The Tech Maestro Reboots: Linus Sebastian Transforms into Chief Vision Officer!

Hey there, tech enthusiasts! Hold onto your hats because we’ve got some electrifying news zapping through the tech cosmos! Our favorite Canadian tech whizz, Linus Sebastian, the mastermind behind the wildly popular “Tech Tips” channel, is about to step into some new digital shoes at Linus Media Group! But don’t worry, he’s not disappearing into the ethernet. Instead, he’s transitioning from his current role as CEO to take on a fresh, innovative title: Chief Vision Officer (CVO).

Why the change, you ask? Well, in a candid, refreshing video (which you can find here – just imagine a handy YouTube link),

Linus confessed that the CEO role didn’t quite mesh with his personal skillset. He humorously admitted, “I never really had the attention to detail or the temperament that it takes to run an organization this large.”

But fear not, this doesn’t mean Linus is dialing down his involvement. Quite the opposite! As the newly minted CVO, Linus is now the keeper of the company’s core principles and the torchbearer for its creative endeavors. More than just a fancy title, this new role symbolizes his continued dedication to his craft and his audience.

And who’ll be at the helm steering the ship as the new CEO of Linus Media Group? It’s none other than Terren Tong, Linus’s old boss from NCIX who has also held director positions at tech giants like Dell and Corsair. Linus couldn’t contain his excitement about the reunion, admitting they’d been trying to sync their professional trajectories for years.

One more thing: if you’re worried that Linus’s new CVO title might mean fewer on-screen appearances, banish the thought! He promises to continue gracing our screens, being the relatable tech genius we all know and love.

The Tech Maestro Reboots: Linus Sebastian Transforms into Chief Vision Officer!

Stay tuned for this exciting new chapter in the Linus Media Group saga. Who knows what electrifying innovations await us? So, keep your gear ready, stay connected, and get excited for this rebooted journey into the tech universe!

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