The Stoov Woov Furry Friend Heating Cushion Review

The Stoov Woov Furry Friend Heating Cushion


Every pet parent knows that our four-legged family members have a penchant for the warmest spot in the house. Whether it’s curling up next to the fireplace, stretching out on sun-kissed window sills, or yes, even attempting to take up residence on our warm laps – our pets are thermal-seeking missiles. Recognising this, the question arises: How do you create a warm oasis for them, especially during those chilly days when the sun decides to play hide-and-seek? Enter the Woov heated dog and cat bed from Stoov.

The very essence of the Woov heating cushion lies in its unique application of smart infrared heat technology. This isn’t just a glorified heating pad; this is a sophisticated piece of technology that has been thoughtfully designed for the comfort of our pets. And, for those of us who might be a tad skeptical about introducing our pets to electrical gadgets, the assurance is in Stoov’s technology which is wholly safe for both pets and their human companions.

The Stoov Woov Furry Friend Heating Cushion Review

Further adding to its impressive feature list is its built-in timer and thermostat. It’s a relief knowing that the Woov won’t turn into an inadvertent hotplate. After 8 hours, it’s lights out – automatically. No midnight scrambles to switch it off.

One size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to pets who come with their own unique set of behaviours and preferences. Stoov understands this. Hence, the Woov Woolly, crafted from a fabric that is as close to sheepskin as you can get without actually shearing a sheep. Its soft, luxurious feel is irresistible, and I can almost see pets nudging their owners away to claim it!

The Stoov Woov Furry Friend Heating Cushion Review

But what if you have a mischievous pet who loves puddles just as much as soft beds? For them, the Woov Outdoor emerges as the victor. Made of a robust synthetic fabric, it repels water and dirt, while also being UV resistant. Whether you position it on the patio or in the garden, it’s made to last, ensuring our pets get their daily dose of warmth.

The Woov is cordless, which means you can place it wherever your pet loves to lounge without worrying about tripping over wires or hunting for sockets. With its rechargeable battery, a full charge offers warmth for up to 6 hours. And with the UK-charger (type G) in tow, the average charging time rests between 2-4 hours. A perfect balance, if you ask me.

The Stoov Woov Furry Friend Heating Cushion Review

Equipped with three different heat settings, you can tailor the warmth to your pet’s liking. The ease with which you can switch between 28/32 C°, 35/39 C°, and 38/42 C° is commendable. And if your pet, especially our feline friends, initially gives it the cold shoulder (as cats often do), remember the Woov isn’t just restricted to them. It’s a treat for human use as well.

Apart from its functionality, the Woov’s design is pleasing to the eye. It seamlessly blends into any room setup, and the Outdoor fabric variant even adds a touch of style to outdoor spaces.

At £149.95, the Woov is an investment. However, considering its features, durability, and the sheer joy it can bring to our pets, it seems justified. Besides, the 30-day return policy offers an added layer of assurance.

To sum it up, the Woov heated dog and cat bed from Stoov is a game-changer. By seamlessly combining technology, comfort, and style, Stoov has curated a product that stands out in the pet accessory market. For the joy and warmth it promises to bring to our furry companions, I award the Stoov Woov Furry Friend Heating Cushion a well-deserved 9 out of 10.

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