The Pakt Travel Backpack Review

The Pakt Travel Backpack



Meet the Pakt Travel Backpack, a collaboration with gear-guru Chase Reeves, inspired by feedback from the Pakt community of travellers. The results? The best damn travel bag you’ll ever carry?

The Pakt Travel Backpack Review

The Pakt Travel Backpack Features:

  • 30L capacity
  • Zip-around, dual-compartment design for the ultimate in organization
  • Easy access to everything you need while en route
  • Padded laptop sleeve fits most 15″ & 16″ laptops
  • Premium, durable materials and hardware
  • Carry-on approved

My first thought when I got this bag was, this thing is heavy! We currently have a 29-litre backpack which when empty is light as a feather. When I packed a weekend worth of stuff in it, it was almost too heavy to even carry.

The removable straps were a hassle to take off the bag, especially the one for the waist. It took me a solid 8 minutes just to unhook this thing because the attachment point on the back of the bag is much tighter than the one on the front. It’s also very difficult to put back into the bag. Also, the hook-side Velcro that holds it in place drags against the material when you slide it back in, so this is going to cause some fraying down the road.

The material the bag is made out of is nice to the touch, and so far I haven’t had an issue with it picking up dirt. Some backpacks we have reviewed in the past pick up dust after opening them. This material is a lot nicer than the one used for the Pakt duffle mag we reviewed last year. The straps and shape of the bag seem very rigid, but I assume after some use will begin to loosen up.

We tried to put in the AORUS 17G and it just about fitted, but it felt like there was too much pressure against it. Also, forget about bringing your Pakt coffee kit with you, as I couldn’t get this in either.

I really do like the way this bag looks on my back. It’s not too boxy and has a nice sleek look to it which I think looks good.

Overall, the Pakt Travel Backpack is a good bag. This thing feels solid, more so than most bags. I’d suggest this bag for anyone who only needs to carry 3-5 days worth of clothes, and minimal tech (lightweight laptop/tablet). It’s a fine bag (just without my laptop in it).

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