The Handy Masturbator Review

The Handy Masturbator



I’ve had The Handy Masturbator for 2 days now. I must say, it is a lot of fun. I’m satisfied with my purchase. I like that you’re able to buy different sleeves. Setting everything up was a little frustrating, but seriously not as bad as I had thought it would be. The whole process took me maybe 45 minutes, not that it takes that long, but because of my ignorance.

The Handy Masturbator Review

Syncing videos and seeing (and feeling) the machine initiate with what I’m seeing on the screen is something else. I recommend, at the very least, getting some basic VR headset for your phone. It takes things to a different level.

The only downfall I’ve seen so far is the absolute lack of things people with IOS can do. No apps work with IOS, you can’t do anything on your phone or Mac. The best thing I’ve found is to get a subscription to WankzVR and find free scripts on ES from WankzVR and then simultaneously align the time local script player and video at the same time. Which is honestly really annoying. I seriously hope there are better capabilities for IOS/Mac users shortly. I really would like to avoid getting an Oculus just for a sex toy.

Overall, The Handy Masturbator is an absolute game changer.

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