The Gravastar Supernova: A New Star in Bluetooth Speakers

Unleashing a cosmic burst of innovative design and stellar audio quality, Gravastar announces the pre-order availability of the Supernova Bluetooth Speaker, setting a new benchmark for audio technology.

Drawing from nostalgia and hyper-modern sci-fi influences, the Supernova, sporting a classic lantern design, is crafted from hard-core metallic zinc alloy, ensuring resilience to shocks and drops. But it’s more than just a rugged beauty, the built-in lighting system offers three modes – dynamic, single color, and camping light – transforming your space into an immersive audio-visual arena​.

The Supernova promises to deliver an auditory experience that’s truly out of this world. It houses a 25W high-performance speaker and a precision-tuned 0.5” high-frequency tweeter, creating deep bass, clear mids, and crisp highs, guaranteeing a high-fidelity audio experience​.

The Gravastar Supernova: A New Star in Bluetooth Speakers

Designed for easy portability, the Supernova weighs 2.2lb, equipped with collapsible legs and a handle. It boasts a usage time of seven hours and a long Bluetooth connection distance of 20 meters, making it your perfect companion for exciting outdoor adventures​.

Priced at $229.95, the Supernova serves as a multifunctional device – a Bluetooth speaker and a lamp, featuring a mecha-inspired design, Bluetooth 5.3 and AUX compatibility, and a playtime of 9 hours​.

In a nutshell, the Supernova is a revolution in sound technology that combines the best of design, durability, and high-quality audio. Be one of the first to experience the Gravastar Supernova Bluetooth Speaker – where design meets sound in a spectacular symphony. Pre-order now and become part of this audio revolution.

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