The CouchConsole Review

The CouchConsole



Are you a lover of convenience, an admirer of innovation, or simply a comfort enthusiast? If so, the CouchConsole is a must-have in your living space. This product has stirred quite the buzz since its Kickstarter launch, garnering attention and praise from backers worldwide. If you are curious about whether it lives up to its hype, let me assuage your doubts with my comprehensive review. I’m giving it a solid 9.5 out of 10, and here’s why.

Conceptualised with the simple question – ‘Why shouldn’t we enjoy the luxury of a cupholder on our couch?’ – the CouchConsole has morphed into more than just a couch cupholder. It’s an all-in-one solution that packs in a snack holder, phone stand, charging dock, remote tray, and storage pocket, all within a compact, modular, and lightweight package.

The CouchConsole Review

The CouchConsole Kickstarter campaign was a remarkable success, achieving full funding within 24 hours and eventually raising over $2.3 million. These impressive numbers translated into more than 30,000 preordered units, signalling the demand and excitement around this ingenious product. Despite logistical challenges imposed by the ongoing pandemic and material shortages, the creators went above and beyond to deliver a high-quality product.

The CouchConsole Review

One of the standout features is the high-performance gyroscope system. This feature ensures your beverage stays vertical, regardless of how uneven or soft the surface is, making spilled drinks a worry of the past. The CouchConsole is incredibly versatile and portable, easily fitting in various spaces such as the bedroom, living room, RV, car backseat, and even outside for picnics or jacuzzi sessions.

The armrest offers generous storage space for your essential items such as cables, controllers, batteries, and snacks, keeping them within arm’s reach. In addition, the Organising Tray includes a phone holder and a designated area for items like remotes, glasses, or earphones, further enhancing the functionality of this product.

What sets the CouchConsole apart is its modular design. The modules are independent and interchangeable, allowing for a personalised setup and future upgrades as per your needs. It ensures that your CouchConsole stays relevant, reducing the risk of becoming obsolete over time.

The CouchConsole Review

The CouchConsole also includes a USB-C plug on top for easy access to power when required. It connects to the storage space where you can attach any external battery with a USB-C output, keeping your devices charged without leaving your comfy spot. Please note, however, the external battery isn’t included in the pack.

As an added bonus, the CouchConsole makes for an ideal and unique gift. Its wide range of features ensures it caters to various needs, making it a fantastic addition to any household.

The CouchConsole Review

Furthermore, the CouchConsole is designed to last for years, a true testament to its quality and durability. The modular design also extends the product’s lifespan as outdated modules can be easily replaced to suit your evolving needs.

In conclusion, the CouchConsole truly redefines comfort and convenience in the home setting. It combines innovative features with a user-friendly design to deliver a product that brings the luxury of convenience right to your couch. Despite some inevitable delays, the creators’ dedication to quality and functionality shines through, making the CouchConsole well worth the wait. So if you love convenience and comfort as much as I do, the CouchConsole is an investment you won’t regret. Join the journey of thousands of others and make your comfort a priority with the CouchConsole.

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