The Carchy Box S1: A Seamless Bridge Between Your Car and Smart Device

The Carchy Box S1




In the modern era, technology has brought a lot of conveniences to our fingertips, and the Carchy Box S1 Wireless CarPlay / Android Auto Adapter is no exception. This 2-in-1 dongle aims to bridge the gap between your car and your smart device, providing a seamless interaction with your media while on the move. In this review, we’ll delve into its features, performance, compatibility, and overall user experience, to help you determine if it’s a worthy addition to your vehicle.

Ease of Installation

One of the highlighted features is its ease of installation. The USB plug-and-play feature allows for a straightforward setup, saving users from the hassles of complex installations. Once plugged into your vehicle, the Carchy Box S1 auto-connects for the first time, establishing a solid foundation for a user-friendly experience.

Wireless Connectivity

The core function of the Carchy Box S1 is to convert wired CarPlay and Android Auto to wireless, providing a tangle-free interaction with your smart device. The initial connection requires a simple Bluetooth pairing or, in the case of CarPlay, ensuring Siri is activated. The process takes about 30 seconds for CarPlay and about 10 seconds for Android Auto, which is quite swift, offering an almost instant setup.

Entertainment On-The-Go

With the Carchy Box S1, the boredom of long drives can be alleviated by streaming content from YouTube & Netflix or playing USB videos & audio. The possibility to keep passengers entertained during road trips or while waiting in the car is a significant plus. However, it’s essential to note that for utilizing streaming services, a personal hotspot is required, which might incur additional data costs.

Compatibility Range

Compatibility is a crucial aspect to consider, and the Carchy Box S1 covers a wide range of vehicles with OEM factory wired CarPlay. However, some exclusions like Ford-SYNC 2.0&2.4, Uconnect 5 system, Tesla style screen, and the whole BMW series vehicles are not compatible. It’s advisable to check the compatibility list provided on Apple’s CarPlay available models page to ensure your vehicle is supported.

The Carchy Box S1: A Seamless Bridge Between Your Car and Smart Device

Performance Evaluation

The customer reviews paint a picture of satisfaction with the Carchy Box S1’s performance. Users have praised its quick connection, ease of setup, and the added convenience of wireless connectivity. Some have also appreciated its ability to keep children entertained during drives. However, a minor hiccup noted was the occasional delay in connecting to a phone hotspot, requiring multiple attempts at times.


The Carchy Box S1 offers a substantial upgrade to your in-car entertainment and connectivity, allowing for a more enjoyable and less distracting driving experience. Its ease of installation, broad compatibility (with exceptions), and the added convenience of wireless connections make it a compelling choice for modern drivers. There might be room for improvement in ensuring a quicker hotspot connection, but overall, the Carchy Box S1 stands as a solid investment for enhancing your driving experience.

Rating: 8/10

The Carchy Box S1 delivers on its promises, providing a smooth transition from wired to wireless connectivity for CarPlay and Android Auto users. The additional entertainment features are a cherry on top, making long drives or wait times in the car less tedious. Despite the minor connectivity hiccup, the benefits and overall performance of the Carchy Box S1 make it a worthy addition to your vehicle’s tech ensemble.

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