The best syncing app there is – Syncler Review

The best syncing app there is, Syncler. Syncler lets you browse, organize, track and sync your Movies, TV Shows and Anime watchlist, history and progress all in one place on your TV, phone or tablet.

The best syncing app there is - Syncler Review

The eagle-eyed readers among you may recognise the design of this app. Syncler was originally TVZion! The Syncler app has gone in and removed any included scrapers, making this a legal app similar to Kodi. This is primarily an app to manage and organise your Trakt watch history. You can also add your Premiumize, Real-Debrid and AllDebrid accounts. These allow you to then access you Debrid Cloud files and stream your files through the app.

The best syncing app there is – Syncler Review

A nice addition is the inclusion of Kosmos and Express provider compatibility. Meaning (similar to Kodi) you can add your provider packages. The only included package at the moment is Watch Now. This will search the show and load up a link to the app that allows you to watch it. So if I search Mandalorian it will open Disney Plus for me.

Trakt is added via the settings, you can then choose how many weeks of movies and shows you want to sync to the app. Syncing on startup is a must to make sure you never miss anything. Once added you can see which shows are next up to watch, your watch list for movies and TV, and then any Trakt lists that are popular at the time. For me the big plus is the “My Lists” section, this will load up any lists that I follow and that I created. They display thumbnails of the posters, which can be tweaked in size if needed.

The design explodes on the TV and feels that this is what it was built for. Scrolling through my list the top changes to display the name and synopsis.

The best syncing app there is - Syncler Review

Selecting a film will load options to see any trailers, add to your Trakt watchlist or collection and mark as watched. You also get a nice synopsis of the film and a faded background scene similar to Netflix. Selecting a TV Show will load the same options and looks except you will get an episodes section. From here you can see all the series and individual episodes which make them up.

Adding Premiumize and Real-Debrid is easy enough and I love that I can now access my Cloud files. I was able to stream Big Buck Bunny from my Premiumize account. You can play files through the built-in player, VLC or MXPlayer.

Overall, the best syncing app there is really is Syncler. The interface is smooth with a great look on mobile and Android TV. Finally, why not take a look at our other Software reviews, or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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