The Best Home Gaming Accessories For Any Games Room: Our Rundown

Gaming is rapidly developing. It’s fair to say the industry is starting to surpass other entertainment mediums, including film and TV.

The UK games sector is worth a staggering £7.16 billion, with the hobby going from strength to strength since the pandemic lockdowns forced more people to play. As pastimes gain more interest, the industry minds behind them tend to think of ways to add to the experience. Typically, this comes to fruition via accessories.

Today, gaming is a more dynamic experience than simply sitting down and staring at a screen. Different home gaming accessories can bring more finesse to the experience. Here’s a quick rundown of the ones you should consider securing yourself.

The Best Home Gaming Accessories For Any Games Room: Our Rundown

The Gaming Chair

You can’t strap in for long hours of gaming if you’re in constant discomfort. A common office chair is only meant to be sat in for a couple of hours, but a gaming chair can help you settle for much longer periods (though you should still get up and exercise for your health).

Comfort is everything when you’re embarking on an intensive gaming session. It will affect focus and fun factors and ensure you play the best you can. Their sturdier build will help your lower back and posture, and the lumbar support padding and cushions can ease pressure points in your body too. The furniture is designed to almost cocoon the sitter in comfort.

Additionally, gaming chairs can personalise your overall experience better than regular ones. They can be adjusted for height like most chairs but also tilted back to help you get your view of the screen just right. There can be added little luxuries to enjoy, such as immersive built-in speakers and convenient cupholders.

The gaming chair contributes significantly to a complete gaming experience. It could also help you look after your health over the years, saving you from aches and pains in later life. Consequently, they’re a must-have home gaming accessory.

Arcade Machine Light Guns

Arcade machines are often misunderstood. They’re seen as a basic form of gaming when they can be more fun and immersive than any other variety.

Read Bitcade’s list of some of the best arcade games of all time to understand just how enrapturing these experiences can be. There’s a variety of titles that can test you as a player in different exciting ways. However, there are still ways you can add to the arcade gaming experience.

Bitcade also supplies the only light guns available on the market called Aimtrack. It uses IR technology like the Nintendo Wii so that you aim and fire these guns at your digital foes onscreen. It’s an added layer of immersion or roleplaying and helps you feel a deeper affinity with each shot you fire. Your games room will feel like a shooting range in no time!

Dual/Triple Monitors

People who take their gaming more seriously tend to have multiple monitors. The game could run on all three, with each monitor providing a different viewpoint. Alternatively, the gamer might multitask, having game guides or text chats on one screen and their favourite title running on the other.

Of course, every proficient gamer can multitask to at least some degree. Some games are built on that premise entirely. Leaning into that talent and refining it with multiple monitors can be key to developing your skills as a gamer. Your games room will feel more like a dynamic lair of engagement too.

If you watch any gamers that stream, you might notice that they have multiple monitors at their disposal. It’s not an excess but a necessity. Try to follow their example regarding their setup (you should also notice gaming chairs) and build your sense of awareness or immersion while you game.

Gaming Headsets

The world of gaming headsets is expanding. These accessories are enjoying more innovative uses.

For example, there are VR headsets where players can truly lose themselves in other digital worlds. You might be playing games in your games room, but your surroundings will be forgotten once the headset’s on. However, these technologies can be a bit much for some players. People can feel disorientated when using them or even get into accidents when flailing around in the real world in response to what’s happening in the game.

Standard headsets are still an essential accessory for gamers, though. Multiplayer games often require teamwork and coordination to succeed. Still, the social factor is arguably the most important. Instead of feeling isolated and alone in your game’s room, using your headset will soon make the space feel more like a social scene.


Your game’s room should create an atmosphere and help you be prepared for anything. You should feel like a better game for simply stepping into the space. There are several ways to play games, and the accessories you choose can determine that. Each can help you engage with games differently, whether through VR or light guns. Accessories can keep your gaming experiences fresh and help you nurture your interest in your hobby for years to come.

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