TCL 10 Lite Review

TCL 10 Lite



The TCL 10 Lite allows you to stand out with a modern classic design that radiates with subtle nature-inspired shine as well as perfectly symmetrical details. Be fully immersed in the huge 6.53 FHD+ NXTVISION display integrated with a dedicated display chipset & wireless Super Bluetooth audio sharing. Embrace the versatility with an all-scenario 48MP AI quad-cam and low-light front cam. Enjoy effortless use supported by a powerful processor, 64GB internal memory, customizable UI features and convenient unlocking technology. 

TCL 10 Lite Review

First impressions are that this phone feels a tad cheaper then the Pro and the 5G. The glass and metal give the whole device a high-quality feeling. But the bigger screen, with the smaller screen to body ratio makes for an unattractive chin.

They have taken the big feature from the TCL 5G and added it’s good looking 6.53″ FHD+ display, with a Dotch instead of a Notch. The screen is where a lot of budget mobile phones skimp on. It’s rich in blacks but lacks any punch due to it being IPS LCD and not AMOLED. The Dotch is in the top right and is hardly noticeable. The back features the quad-camera in a single line across the back. These are built into the phone, so there is no bump on the back.

TCL 10 Lite Review

The internal specs are pretty standard, with a Snapdragon 665 and 6GB of RAM. You can grab a 64GB or 128GB of internal storage, so more than enough space. But if you did want to add more space, there is a micro-sd card slot. There’s the rare headphone port and the never-spotted IR Blaster. The dedicated Google Assistant button was disabled after the first hour.

Comparing to other established devices in the same spec range, I found this kept up with all the testing etc. New launchers can be installed and setup took no time at all. I haven’t yet noticed any bugs or signs of slowing down.

Out of the box, any photos taken have a TCL watermark on them, which I am glad to say can be disabled and should be. Post-processing did ruin a couple of my shots, and overall I’d say these are acceptable to mid-range phones. The quad-camera set up allow for some ok shots and was a good choice from TCL. Images could be sharper and also less saturated, as the whites can be blinding. The selfie camera is next to useless and took some pretty average photos.

TCL 10 Lite Review

The 4,000mAh battery gets me through the day. I was worried the display would drain it, but I was happy to see that wasn’t the case. The 18W charger is super fast and I didn’t even miss Wireless charging.

Overall, the TCL 10 Lite is a great first step into the market. If support for updates can be extended and perhaps some changes to the OS then this would be a game-changer. Finally, check out Jabba Reviews. Also, follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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