Tastily Prepared Meals Delivered To Your Door Review

Tastily Prepared Meals Delivered To Your Door



Tastily Prepared Meals delivers freshly cooked, vacuum-packed chilled meals to your home each week as part of a meal subscription service. Tastily offers a flexible, minimum commitment subscription, meaning that you can join us, order, eat, pause, change, and re-order at the touch of a button on the customer portal. There is no long term commitment and no complicated sign-up procedure. Now if that doesn’t get your tastebuds going, what will? Trust me, their menu is nowhere near as dull.

Tastily Prepared Meals Delivered To Your Door Review

Meals cost £7 each, and what you pay when you place an order covers everything. The meals are made in single portion servings. The regular meal size is between 400-500 cals. But for all you beefcakes (or tofu cakes) out there, there is also an option to have a larger size which is between 600-700 cals. Upgrading to large will be an extra £1 per meal.

Tastily Prepared Meals Delivered To Your Door Review

For all you vegans, a quarter of our menu is vegan, and we plan to grow this even further. Tastily aim to include as much free-range and organic produce as possible. All eggs used in their dishes are free-range. And they source all their meat from British farms which are members of the Red Tractor Assurance scheme, which assures that the food has been produced to a high standard across the whole length of the food chain.

You can freeze the meals and consume within 2 months. This makes it perfect for stocking up on and then cooking when needed. The food is packaged using state-of-the-art Modified Atmosphere Packaging which allows for extended shelf life. Without getting into the technicalities, it sucks out the air in the tray and replaces it with carbon dioxide and nitrogen which keeps the food fresh. Their menu is also designed for maximum shelf life.

Tastily Prepared Meals Delivered To Your Door Review

Finally, the trays are custom made at Faerch. Using their Evolve plastic which is made from 85% recycled plastic, arguably the most environmentally friendly trays on the market. Also, their board, their branded sleeves and outer box are made from 100% recyclable paper, oh and so is their insulation. Even the ice packets can be emptied and recycled.

Overall, Tastily Prepared Meals is a fantastic service. They offer great tasting food, all the while using the most environmentally friendly packaging.

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