TaoTronics 5.7L Air Fryer Review

TaoTronics 5.7L Air Fryer



Love deep-fried food but don’t want all that oil? The TaoTronics 5.7L Air Fryer gives you the best of both. It uses hot air circulation to evenly cook food that would otherwise be submerged in hot oil. 6 qt. basket and 11 preset menus offer various solutions for easy and quick weeknight meals for the whole family.

TaoTronics 5.7L Air Fryer Review

Feel free to pull out the frying pan to check the food during cooking, for the air fryer would automatically stop without the pan inside or when the timer ends, and resume cooking when you put it back.

TaoTronics 5.7L Air Fryer Review

Cook and eat safely with the TaoTronics air fryer that consists of a heat-resistant premium PP material shell, metal frying pan and basket, and an always cool-to-touch basket handle.

The basket’s nonstick surface makes it easy to wipe the mess away. The basket is also dishwasher safe, which is easy to clean up for busy households.

It’s easy to use and the instructions on how to use it are thorough, so there is no guessing needed! There is even a recipe book included for some ideas on what to cook.

It’s not like a deep fat fryer, and I guess that’s a good thing for our health. Food doesn’t taste like it’s been fried either… Think of it as a healthy mini oven and you’ll get the idea. Fat from the food will drip down through the holes in the pan, so your food will be less greasy and cooked quicker than in a standard oven due to the smaller space and intensive fan.

It’s not difficult to clean. You can put it in the dishwasher but we’ve been handwashing it to preserve the non-stick coating. It’s super easy to clean and dry.

It takes up quite a bit of space, that’s either a plus or a minus point depending on your kitchen! It’s a plus for us as it means it’ll take a good amount of food in it for cooking and we have the space to keep it out on the worktop.

Overall we’re happy with the TaoTronics 5.7L Air Fryer, it’s done its job well over the past week and we look forward to using it for a long time to come.

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