TaoTronics 2.1L Electric Ice Maker Review

TaoTronics 2.1L Electric Ice Maker



The TaoTronics 2.1L Electric Ice Maker ensures there’s always top-quality ice at a moment’s notice. In as little as 6-9 minutes, you can enjoy fresh ready-to-serve ice to keep your beverages nice and chilled. Whether you’re hosting a party, gathering, or entertaining spur-of-the-moment guests, this ice maker generates up to 26lbs of ice per day to supply you with all the ice you need.

TaoTronics 2.1L Electric Ice Maker Review

TaoTronics 2.1L Electric Ice Maker Review

Not only does it keep reliably making more than enough ice to satisfy my family’s needs, but we can also bag the extra for a rainy day. It’s dropping 9 ice bullets every 8 to 10 minutes on the large cube setting, which is plenty fast enough for my family who are pretty fond of cold drinks.

Is the unit noisy? Not especially, We would almost forget it is there until it drops ice and scoops it into the basket, and then it only makes a little less noise than I would expect it to make doing these things. The unit is very solid and seems very sturdy.

I’ve kept it making ice for a couple of days straight (turning off at night just to keep it from sitting there stopped.)

One thing to mention is the shape of the ice. The ice maker makes bullet shapes with a cylindrical hole in the centre. I love this shape of ice because it doesn’t sit along the rim of the glass and block the flow of liquid when I drink, only to fall over and make me dribble down my front. Call me picky, but that is a thing that I usually don’t like about ice maker ice. Not a problem here. This ice is perfect and plentiful.

I also love the stainless steel finish that looks perfect alongside my Cuisinart coffee maker. Plenty of ice, great shaped, quick, quiet, efficient, and priced affordably, with a fantastic warranty. What’s more to want? I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend it.

Overall, the TaoTronics 2.1L Electric Ice Maker is perfect for the summer and also not a bad idea for an at-home iced latte.

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