Talk Desk Virtual Assistant Review

Talk Desk Virtual Assistant Review

Whether you’re a small or large business, customer support will always play a fundamental role in your company. The Talk Desk virtual assistant functions as a personal support system. Customers can access it 24/7 on your website without needing to hire around-the-clock representatives. 

Keep reading to find out what to expect from the software.

Computer/AI Limitations

While the virtual agent has a lot of different abilities, it will always be limited to what it’s designed to do. Your agent will answer questions when possible or simply, then pass off the more complex ones to a human representative.

It may seem counter-intuitive to have both human and AI support, but the AI will limit the number of repeated questions coming to you directly. This helps manage larger influxes of questions and get support for larger issues quicker.

Another limitation is the questions the system can answer are contained by what you provide it with. You won’t be able to predict every customer question, but you can program the agent with the common ones you receive. The more questions you prepare your bot for, the more it will be able to handle.

Ultimately, the abilities of the tool will be reliant on how much work you put into its design. 

Virtual Customer Support Benefits

Despite the restrictions of utilizing AI for customer support, there are a lot of benefits to be found, specifically for larger companies. Firstly, many large companies already use this software. If you’ve had to seek customer support from a large company, you’ve likely seen the little agent which pops up in the right-hand corner, that handles initial answering service.

Therefore, clients associate this addition as a sign of an established company that works well for larger businesses. Using the same methods as these big figures creates a sense of professionalism for your brand and credibility.

Secondly, customers have slowly shifted to prefer texting over phone calls when dealing with a company. There’s associated anxiety from these calls, which has made the option of using a website’s chatbot more appealing. Having a chatbot can make this process easier and less intimidating for customers that prefer texting.

Customers also hate wait times which are decimated by the AI with near-instant response times, which makes getting an answer to a simple question easy and eliminates the need to wait in a long queue for a representative. This will prevent patrons from hanging up the phone and receiving negative experiences from your customer service.

Different Features Included

With the Talk Desk software, customer interactions will be recorded into your records with different classifiers so that you can visually analyze data. This can help make informed decisions about future company directions. In particular, chatbots can interpret a user’s intent, usage, and how frequently calls are transferred to a live agent.

With this information, you can track down reoccurring issues that need to be addressed. Additionally, it can dictate the general tone of your clientele. If there are a lot of negative tones used through the chatbot exchange, it will flag this information and input it on the datasheet. 

This software doesn’t require users to have any coding knowledge, which makes using the interface very user-friendly. Talk Desk does this with a layout that visually maps the different call paths so you can easily see how your customer service experience will transpire. 


Talk Desk’s virtual assistant is a great tool that can be extremely beneficial in business, though it is more suited to larger companies. The software simplifies analyzing and overseeing a massive influx of customer calls, which can lower expenses and provide valuable information. 

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