Super Dodgeball Beats Nintendo Switch Review

Super Dodgeball Beats Nintendo Switch



Super Dodgeball Beats on Nintendo Switch, take part in insanely cool dodgeball games played to the rhythm of 18 original music tracks. Conquer your rivals in style with perfect rhythm and sweet moves. There’s nothing else like it! Play against a friend via couch co-op and show off your amazing skills. Choose from 4 different teams, 8 gorgeous hand-drawn levels, and select any music track you want! Perfectly time your supercharged moves to finish off your opponents! Be the galaxy’s best dodgeball team in this intense single-player mode! Your squad of 4 dodgeball students must rise through the ranks and face the weirdest foes, from the fearsome Vampire dodgeball masters to the mysterious thunder-infused ancients. Make it far enough and you’ll face even weirder and more powerful dodgeball bosses! Turn the tide of battle by utilising a plethora of powerups including grenades, doughnuts, stone golems and more.

Super Dodgeball Beats Nintendo Switch Review

Super Dodgeball Beats Nintendo Switch Teaser

The game is based on 4 players, which are controlled by separate buttons on the controller. There are then 3 different beat commands.
You then press and hold etc following the beat. When hitting the beats in time, you can gain power-ups. Some will affect the enemy like blocking their view or give you a boost. But enemies get the same power-ups so be on the lookout. There is a 4th player, but they are your mascot. They help you have a better chance of getting those power-ups.

You then compete in tournaments to win the Dodge Ball Trophy. Each tournament gets more and more difficult. By the end, I was frantically throwing my hands all over the controller. This is a game of skill. I was happy to see that training levels let you re-play songs.

I love the animation and art style of this game. Each of the enemies has a unique style and design. They then have their way of celebration or losing. The designers also used a comic book style for the cut scenes.

Super Dodgeball Beats Nintendo Switch Review

The songs used in the game are all original tunes. But I have to admit, I did end up enjoying a lot of them. The beats all lineup and feel natural with the song playing. There is a slight buzz when you get it right, and a louder vibration when you miss a beat.

There is a multiplayer option, which is great to see. You can play against a friend, picking the stages, songs and mascots.

Super Dodgeball Beats Nintendo Switch Review

The design and music for this game all work well together. The quirky characters are fun and the tutorial helps set you up for the game.

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