Subdivision Infinity DX Nintendo Switch Review

Subdivision Infinity DX Nintendo Switch



Subdivision Infinity DX on Nintendo Switch. With more than 30 engaging story missions and sidequests spanning several star systems, Subdivision Infinity is an action-packed journey brimming with dogfights, boss battles, and more set against the stunning wild outer reaches of the cosmos. Complete exciting missions in the main storyline and explore mysterious sectors of the galaxy. Tight space combat gameplay – fight massive space battles against different enemies: drones, fighters, dreadnoughts capital ship and more. Explore stunning locations, each with a different feel and atmosphere. Find lost relics to build new ships, harvest asteroids and sell their minerals for profit, or use them for crafting. Boss battles – hone your combat skills facing most powerful enemies. Prepare for the fight – enhance your ship and equip with a diverse selection of weapons available for upgrade.

Subdivision Infinity DX Nintendo Switch Review

Subdivision Infinity DX Nintendo Switch Launch

Subdivision started life as a mobile game. The jump from touchscreen controls to analogue sticks work well. You start the game with basic weapons, as you play through though you gain a new more powerful arsenal. You can also upgrade any existing weaponry to make them more powerful. Once loaded into the game you battle across space, shooting at drones, or huge bosses.

All you need to do is lock onto an enemy, and you can start firing. The game makes locking on very easy, so there isn’t much “skill” needed to lock on. The goal is really to get those more powerful weapons to take enemies down quicker. There are some larger missions, which involve taking down a massive ship, which is a real delight.

Subdivision Infinity DX Nintendo Switch Review

The main champaign will take up most of your time, with the need for better weapons and upgrades pushing you to complete missions. There are side missions such as mining and search for blueprints which are a nice break.

The look of the game is where I feel let down. Areas of the game may feel small, but they are packed full of space debris. Though texture on ships can be a little limited and they do tend to look more like splodges. There is no voice acting, it’s all down through subtitles. The music has space feel to it and I think fits into the aesthetic of the game.

Subdivision Infinity DX Nintendo Switch Review

This port of Subdivision Infinity DX is excellent. Controls are intuitive and snappy. The campaign is meaty and full of places to explore. But there are caveats such as auto-aiming and textureless enemies. Finally, please check out our gaming reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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