Streamplify MIC RGB Microphone Review

Streamplify MIC RGB Microphone



When it comes to streaming, podcasting, or vlogging, audio quality is paramount. The Streamplify MIC TRIPOD RGB Microphone delivers on this front, providing crystal-clear audio while adding an undeniable flair to your setup. With its adjustable tripod, integrated pop filter, and RGB lighting, the MIC TRIPOD is the ideal addition for content creators seeking an all-in-one solution. Let’s take a closer look at this stylish and high-performing microphone.

Design and Build Quality: 9/10

Constructed with pro-grade materials, the Streamplify MIC TRIPOD has a premium look and feel. The cardioid pickup pattern ensures excellent sound quality by isolating your voice from background noise, while the integrated pop filter eliminates plosive sounds and air interference for a crisp and clear audio output.

The adjustable tripod base is equipped with anti-vibration shock mounts, providing stability and protection from accidental knocks or bumps. The height of the tripod can be easily adjusted to suit your preferences, ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic experience during use.

Lighting and Aesthetics: 10/10

One standout feature of the Streamplify MIC TRIPOD is the RGB lighting ring below the microphone head. With two lighting modes and eight preset effects, this microphone adds a touch of style to any streaming or recording setup. The RGB lighting also serves a functional purpose, as it changes color to red when the quick mute function is activated.

Streamplify MIC RGB Microphone

Streamplify MIC RGB Microphone Review

Ease of Use and Setup: 8/10

The Streamplify MIC TRIPOD is plug-and-play, requiring no additional drivers or software for optimal performance. Simply connect the microphone to an available USB 2.0 port, and you’re good to go. The included adjustable tripod offers flexibility in positioning, while the quick mute function and volume wheel provide on-the-fly control over your audio output.

Audio Performance and Versatility: 10/10

The MIC TRIPOD offers two audio playback modes: Full Playback Podcast Mode and One-Way Playback Gaming Mode. These modes cater to different content creation scenarios, allowing you to optimize the microphone’s performance for your specific needs.

Full Playback Podcast Mode provides real-time audio feedback, enabling you to fine-tune your recordings for the best listening experience. On the other hand, One-Way Playback Gaming Mode is perfect for streaming, as it prevents audio distractions in your headset, allowing you to focus on those critical in-game moments.

Value for Money: 8/10

Considering its premium build quality, impressive audio performance, and stylish design, the Streamplify MIC TRIPOD offers excellent value for money. While there may be more affordable alternatives available, the MIC TRIPOD’s combination of features and performance make it a worthwhile investment for content creators seeking a high-quality microphone solution.


The Streamplify MIC TRIPOD RGB Microphone is a fantastic choice for streamers, podcasters, and vloggers who want to ensure impeccable audio quality while adding a touch of style to their setup. With its pro-grade construction, exceptional audio performance, and versatile playback modes, the MIC TRIPOD is an all-in-one solution that will elevate your content creation game. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your streaming, podcasting, or vlogging experience with this outstanding microphone.

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