Strauss & Wagner EM8C Review – USB-C Earphones

Strauss & Wagner EM8C



You asked for it, their engineering team worked on it! Last year, Strauss and Wagner introduced the EM205 wired earbuds with a built-in mic which outperformed headphones hundreds of dollars above its price range–the only downfall? It was not available for USB-C users. They are excited to announce that their engineering team has worked on a prototype that takes the EM205’s sound quality to USB-C device users! We are looking at the Strauss & Wagner EM8C.

Strauss & Wagner EM8C Review - USB-C Earphones

The Strauss & Wagner EM8C have a solid but simple look that definitely fits in with their brand. The whole thing makes them have a premium feel and look to them. The inline remote is very slim and makes disappears into the rest of the cable.

The controls include volume up/down and a multi-use button. This button seems to offer a vast amount of options including playing, track control, call control and voice commands. The buttons themselves have no click and are a bit spongy.

The USB-C connection was very tight and fitted securely. I found it didn’t behave well with my case, but I was able to make it work. Previous headphones have fallen out, but these stayed in securely.

I’m dazzled by the quality of the Strauss & Wagner EM8C earphones largely because I just didn’t expect them to sound as great as they do. They improve the entire listening experience. The drivers do improve the audio and help it stay stable and crisp throughout your entire listening time. Even on full blast, there was little to no degradation in sound quality.

Overall, audiophiles should take notice of the Strauss & Wagner EM8C earphones. For the price point, they are way cheaper than anything similar sounding in the market. Finally, check out our other audio reviews.

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  1. I bought these and put ComplyFoam tips on them.
    This is really some i.e.m.
    Amazingly good bass and so clear!
    Compared them to my AKG’s which came with my Samsung phone and throwing them away now because the EM8C is the new kid on the block.

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