SteelSeries Prime Pro Series Gaming Mouse Review

SteelSeries Prime Pro Series Gaming Mouse



Play like a Pro. Co-developed with the world’s leading competitive esports players, the SteelSeries Prime Pro Series Gaming Mouse has a battle-tested shape meant for sustained comfort at the highest levels of play. Its lightweight form factor weighs in at only 69g to reduce hand fatigue when lifted. A hyper durable design can withstand the most intense wear and tear, and a new textured matte finish ensures a non-slip grip. A TrueMove Pro sensor provides esports pro performance, and onboard customization makes selecting settings easy.

SteelSeries Prime Pro Series Gaming Mouse Review

The mouse is a decent size, it isn’t laden with contours and it functions well and looks aesthetically pleasing on the desk – particularly with its orange light on the scroll wheel. The scroll wheel is much easier to move on other mice we have tested. Lastly, the texture has a textured matte finish that feels a little like rubber. I have no use for the buttons on the left-hand side other than for back and forwards in the browser, which I think is the default.

The SteelSeries Prime Pro Series Gaming Mouse functions well. My hand is comfortable as I hold it and I’m not being dictated to as to how I should hold my hand by contours. The mouse is sleek and flows in a basic form – suitable for right and left hand. Clicks are good – not too weak, nor strong and the wire is a good length. I would’ve liked the inclusion of a rubber cable, as I find the braided ones rub on my desk.

I consider SteelSeries Prime Pro Series Gaming Mouse as a ‘no frills’ mouse, with some aesthetics. ‘Frills’ being obscure shapes like some other gaming mouses. Some look like a complete eyesore, but this mouse is to the point, simple and comfortable.

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