Stealth Gaming Nintendo Switch Accessories Review

STEALTH Gaming, bringing you high-quality gaming accessories across multiple platforms including XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch and their fighter jet-inspired multi-format range the XP-Series.

Stealth Classic Gold Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch Headset

This black and gold headset is a tad edgy but very fashionable. The headset features soft leatherette and over-ear cushions. These cushions provide a premium look and feel.

Stealth Gaming Nintendo Switch Accessories Review

I like this headset, as it could be quite a cool headset to use for music. You can remove the mic and listen to music as you walk. Plop the mic back on and you can game with the best of them.

These use 40mm Speaker Drivers for Immersive Audio. The sound is quite good for this price. Upper volumes can be a bit static, but you’ll be hard pushed to get to that volume normally.

Stealth Gaming Nintendo Switch Accessories Review

I use these for my PS4 and Switch and don’t have any connection issues at all. The sound works each time and connection is quick and easy.

Overall for a multi-platform gamer on a budget, this is a great choice.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Quad Charger

I’ve got 99 joy-cons but a charger ain’t one. For anyone with multiple pairs of joy-cons charging is gonna be a problem. When I had one pair I would leave them on the Switch and they’d be charged.

Stealth Gaming Nintendo Switch Accessories Review

Now with 4 pairs, I have run out of charging points. Enter the STEALTH Joy-Con Quad Charger! Giving you the power to charge up to 4 Joy-Con Controllers simultaneously. This little device (with a little price tag) will allow you to charge two pairs of joy-cons at the same time.

Each point has an LED indicator. This allows you to see the progress of the joy-con charge. Red for low, green for fully charged. This takes around 3 hours to fully charge 4 joy-cons. It uses a USB-C connection. This allows unlimited options for where to plug this is.

Stealth Gaming Nintendo Switch Accessories Review

I was worried about losing my joy-cons when I used this, but they use a lock feature, so the joy-con is locked in tight while being charged.

I have this plugged into the Switch dock, keeping all the cables clean.

For you, multiple joy-con owners out there, grab one of these and keep them charged up.

Stealth Gaming Headset Stand

If like me, you tend to drop your headphone wherever then you will need to pay attention to this. Compatible with most Gaming Headset designs, the STEALTH Gaming Headset Stand will help keep the shape of your headset and reduce the likelihood of physical damage.

What I love is that the STEALTH Gaming Headset Stand can be used universally with all most Gaming and Audio Headsets, making it the ideal accessory. 

Initially, I wasn’t a fan of the clear frosted effect, but it did grow on me. I found it fits in with any background, provides a subtle storage solution to complete your gaming set up.

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