TB3CDK2DPUE Thunderbolt 3 Dock Review TB3CDK2DPUE Thunderbolt 3 Dock



The TB3CDK2DPUE Thunderbolt 3 Dock intelligently adapts to your Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C (USB 3.1 Gen 1 and Gen 2) laptop offering optimal performance and compatibility. This revolutionary technology offers IT professionals the solution they need — one dock for Mac and Windows laptops that are equipped with a USB Type-C port. TB3CDK2DPUE Thunderbolt 3 Dock Review TB3CDK2DPUE Thunderbolt 3 Dock Review

This Dual monitor laptop docking station features dual DisplayPort, 3x USB-A (1x 10Gbps & 2x 5Gbps) & 2x USB-C (USB 3.1 Gen 2), incl. 2 fast-charge ports, 60W PD, Ethernet, Headset Jack

The need for this dock came from using 2 4k monitors. This features two Displayport 1.2 ports, supporting up to 4k 60Hz dual monitor with Thunderbolt 3 laptops and dual 1080p with USB Type-C laptops.

The TB3 Dock requires no drivers, so can be plugged in and it’s ready to go. There is an included 0.7m TB3 cable and comes with a front facing USB-C host port. They also included mounting holes for an optional bracket, k-slot for security lock & MAC address changer utility. This gives you the maximum amount of freedom to how you would use this dock.

Power & charging is perfect for high-performance ultra-thin laptops like MacBook, Lenovo Thinkpad T Series, X1 Carbon, & Surface Pro 7. This is all thanks to the 60W charging capability. TB3CDK2DPUE Thunderbolt 3 Dock Review

I like the size of this dock, as its small enough to sit in the middle of my desk. It’s also very quiet, whereas with other docks I have noticed that they can get quite loud. After a full day of work, it can get rather hot. I have also noticed that when it gets hot this can affect the speed of charging.

Overall, the TB3CDK2DPUE Thunderbolt 3 Dock is perfect for anyone looking to run a dual 4K monitor set up. Finally, check out our other charging reviews. Also, don’t forget to check on our Twitter and Facebook.

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