SpinFit Eartips Review

SpinFit Eartips



Having never been a fan of Comply Foam, I am constantly on the lookout for a pair of silicon ear tips which work. I think I may have found them in SpinFit Replacement Silicone Eartips. These guys offer a variety of sizes for different earphones. I have been using them for a couple of weeks and am in love with them.

SpinFit Eartips Review

SpinFit is one of a small group of people making silicon ear tips. I think silicon works best as it allows for a more durable tip. They still fit in securely and create a good seal. While Comply Tips will wear down over time, SpinFit tips just keep going.

SpinFit Eartips Review

They almost feel like a more natural fit. They create a seal, whilst not making my ears feel trapped. When using them, the music feels more channelled into my ear. There is a definite decrease in sound bleeding as well. The bass was increased slightly but not as much as the SpinFit website made out. When using Comply I found sound was a lot muddier than when using the SpinFit tips.

SpinFit Eartips Features

  • Supreme comfort – Premium soft silicone material along with the ergonomic design provides outstanding and lasting comfort.
  • Optimal seal – Consistent optimal seal even for headphones with an awkward insertion angle, allowing increased noise isolation.
  • Sound quality – Enhancement on treble and bass ensures a superior listening experience to the foam and the stock ear tips.
  • Easy installation – Simple installation makes SpinFit an easy upgrade for your earphone. A perfect replacement for your stock ear tips.

My earphones of choice are the RHA MA750 Wireless, and they offer their CP145 tips for these. They fit great and created a great seal on my ears. The bass was a lot deeper, and there was a lot less sound bleeding. They also sent their CP360 which are tips specifically designed for true wireless earphones! I tried these on a couple of my trial pairs and they worked great. My main issue has always been the tips getting lose in my ear, and I fear they would fall and break. These tips kept them in tight and overall improved the sound.

SpinFit Eartips Review

Earphone tips never feel like a worthwhile investment, but having used these Spinfit Eartipsfor a month I can confirm it is. They have a deeper more secure fit, and overall the sound is improved. Finally, check out our other audio reviews.

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