SpellKeeper Nintendo Switch Review




SpellKeeper on Nintendo Switch is a unique logic game with dozens of challenging puzzles and beautifully hand-drawn graphics. Take on the role of the Chosen One and save butterflies trapped in magic cocoons. Use various types of Magic Spells and arrange them on the board in the right way. Challenge your brain and free all the butterflies!

SpellKeeper Nintendo Switch Review

You start the game with a quick tutorial. This is to show how the gameplay works. When you start each level you can see a grid of stones. These stones are used to transfer magic. You have to pass your magic through the stones and free the butterflies trapped in them. You have a limited amount of magic, so this may take a couple of turns to get right.

SpellKeeper Nintendo Switch Review

This may sound simple but does get harder. Blocks will appear with different properties. Such as direction of travel may be limited or that you can’t use your magic through it at all.

Each level has a couple of spells to be used. Some may be for a straight long path, while others go in every direction. You can pick and choose which stones you use those spells on and create the best path.

SpellKeeper Nintendo Switch Features

  • Easy to play
  • Challenging without the frustration
  • A non-violent game for everyone!
  • Hand-painted graphics and relaxing music.
  • Fourteen language versions.

There are around 60 levels, spread over 4 different worlds. It’s definitely a relaxing puzzle game. There are keys hidden through each level, and this encourages you to go back and try to find them. This adds a nice re-play action.

SpellKeeper Nintendo Switch Review

The entire game looks and sounds chilled. The hand-drawn animations look good and relaxed. While the music is slow and tuneful, allowing you to enjoy it while playing. Though I did find it difficult to see what menu item I had highlighted. The controls are fiddly but easy to get used to.

Spellkeeper works great on TV and handheld mode. But I found handheld mode best due to using the touchscreen. This removed the need to use the controls.

Overall, Spellkeeper is a casual puzzle game. It’s easy to pick up and play and replay value is there too. Finally, check out our other gaming reviews.

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