Speedlink MYX LED Monitor Kit Review

Speedlink MYX LED Monitor Kit



With over 220 lighting modes to choose from, the MYX LED Monitor Kit lets you create an atmosphere that’s just as diverse as your game worlds. The accompanying universal remote lets you toggle between lighting modes including a sparkling colour wave, ice-cold blue and fresh green or a cool tunnel effect. With their flexible connectors, the stripes are a breeze to position perfectly around your monitor. Plus, what’s smart is that you can combine your colourful setup with further Speedlink MYX products and control them all using the same remote.

Speedlink MYX LED Monitor Kit Review

Speedlink MYX LED Monitor Kit Technical details

  • 3 LED stripes with RGB lighting for one monitor
  • Combinable with other Speedlink MYX-series modding products (PC stripes, fans)
  • Over 220 different lighting modes
  • All modes configurable by remote control
  • Remote control compatible with all MYX products
  • Compatible with apps from a wide range of brands (e.g. Asus® Aura Sync®, MSI® Mystic Light, ASRock® Polychrome Sync, Corsair Link®, Gigabyte® RGB Fusion®)
  • Effects run smoothly from one strip to the next
  • Individually addressable smart RGB LEDs
  • Custom colour control of each LED
  • Practical Molex® connector for connecting to the AC adapter
  • Additional USB-A male connector for use outside the PC case
  • Easy to attach thanks to flexible connecting cable
  • Additional motherboard adapter (Asus®, Gigabyte®, MSI®, ASRock®) and Corsair® hub adapter
  • Incl. 3M® adhesive strip and button-cell battery for the remote control
  • LED stripe connector: 3-pin male and female
  • Connecting cable connection: Molex® female or USB-A male connector to 3-pin female
  • LED stripe length: 2 × 300mm, 1 × 450mm
  • Connecting cable length: 400mm (Molex®), 570mm (USB-A)
  • Overall dimensions, short stripes: 480 × 10 × 2.8mm (L × W × H)
  • Overall dimensions, long stripe: 630 × 10 × 2.8mm (L × W × H)
  • Remote control dimensions: 87 × 40 × 7mm (L × W × H)
  • Total weight of kit: 82g
Speedlink MYX LED Monitor Kit Review

Installation was easy, as the tap on the back can be removed and then attached to the back of the monitor. Though I would suggest taking time to plan, as you don’t want to attach it the wrong way.

The remote allows for easy colour changes, with the buttons indicating the colour it will display. You can also change the display type and brightness, all through this remote.

Speedlink includes motherboard adapters for Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock and Corsair. This will then allow the lights to sync via the motherboard. The lights are compatible with a wide range of apps too, meaning you may not have to use the remote.

Speedlink MYX LED Monitor Kit Review

Overall, I love these lights. For under £30, you can kit your screen out with some bright LEDs and also control them via the software already on your PC.

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