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The SoundMAGIC E80D earphones represent a significant leap in audio technology, combining ergonomic design with high-fidelity sound. Designed for the audiophile on the go, these earphones integrate a powerful DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) with USB-C connectivity, offering a convenient and superior listening experience.

Design and Build Quality

The SoundMAGIC E80D is aesthetically pleasing and built to last. The housing is crafted from durable aluminium, featuring a unique hand-painted finish that not only adds to its visual appeal but also contributes to its robustness. The earphones are equipped with a precision cable that includes a remote and microphone, allowing for easy control of music and calls. This tangle-resistant copper cable ensures optimal signal transmission, which is crucial for maintaining sound quality over time.

Sound Quality

SoundMAGIC has equipped the E80D with 10mm dynamic drivers that deliver exceptional clarity and depth. These drivers ensure a balanced sound reproduction, with rich bass tones that do not overpower the mids and highs. The integrated DAC enhances this further by ensuring high-resolution audio playback with minimal signal loss, thus enriching the listening experience with finely-tuned acoustics. This setup provides a sound profile that is well-suited for a variety of musical genres, from classical to contemporary pop.

SoundMAGIC E80D Earphones Review - Hear Every Detail

Comfort and Fit

The ergonomically angled sound tubes and a variety of silicone ear tips included (dome-shaped, flat, and double flange) ensure that the earphones fit securely and comfortably, sealing the ear canal effectively to block out external noise. This design not only enhances sound quality but also prevents fatigue during prolonged use, making them ideal for extended listening sessions.

Additional Features

The earphones come with a hard carrying case and multiple sets of ear tips to suit different ear sizes and preferences, which is a thoughtful addition for ensuring optimal fit and comfort for all users. The USB-C connectivity makes them a perfect match for modern devices, bypassing the need for additional adapters.


The SoundMAGIC E80D earphones are a top choice for anyone looking for portable, high-quality audio. They offer a blend of durability, superior sound quality, and user-friendly features, making them a worthwhile investment for both casual listeners and audio enthusiasts alike. With their advanced features and robust build, these earphones are set to deliver an unmatched audio experience that you can take anywhere.

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