SoundLiberty Pro P10 ANC Hybrid TWS Earbuds Review

SoundLiberty Pro P10 ANC Hybrid TWS Earbuds



The SoundLiberty Pro P10 ANC Hybrid TWS Earbuds come with feedforward and feedback active noise cancellation, reduce external noise by 38dB and make sure the only thing left is what you want to hear.

SoundLiberty Pro P10 ANC Hybrid TWS Earbuds Review

To start the ambient sound setting is super useful. I’m able to hold a full conversation with someone with both earbuds in and be able to gauge the volume of my voice just fine and also hear the person I’m talking to. It also gives me a pretty good idea of where sounds are coming from in the space I’m in. For example, if I’m working under a trailer and looking for an air leak I don’t have to take the earbuds off to figure out where it’s coming from. If I could say anything bad about this feature it’s that it tends to pick up on wind if you’re walking fast or by a fan bit overall I liked it.

SoundLiberty Pro P10 ANC Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling TWS Earbuds Review

As for the active noise cancelling feature, it makes a dramatic difference when turned on. It filters and reduces most sound well and helps me to get immersed in whatever I’m watching or listening to. This feature however does have its limits, while it can handle most common shop noises. I decided to test it to see exactly what was too much. The first thing I tried was opening up an airline under a trailer to replace a valve. 

This overloaded the microphones for the noise cancelling and did give a lot of feedback. That being said I wasn’t disappointed with it. It was still certainly better than not having any ear protection at all. Other things in the shop that caused erratic feedback were air hammers and the 1 in. Impact that we use for tires. I don’t think this product was made to handle all that. Although, in practice, I would be using my earmuffs over my headphones for stuff like that anyway.

SoundLiberty Pro P10 ANC Hybrid TWS Earbuds Review

As far as I can tell the microphones on it works well. For voice calls, FaceTime, and zoom meetings nobody seemed to have any issues hearing me.

In my experience battery life is very mixed depending on what you are using the earbuds for. After a full night of work, switching between podcasts and just leaving them on standby, using mostly ambient sound settings (only toggling to noise-cancelling on my breaks or when using a loud tool) the batteries died after about 8 hours. I imagine these two settings drain the battery a lot faster because the next day I used them with both those settings off and they were still at 60% charge by the end of my10 hour shift.

As far as all the other aspects of the earbuds they worked well. They start pairing as soon as you open the lid. I paired them with my S20 Ultra and iPhone 12 Mini with no issues. After reading the manual and doing a little fiddling on my own for a few minutes I quickly learned how to switch between sound modes, pause/play music and videos, and raise/lower the volume. And last, as far as sound quality goes I enjoyed these, I rarely use my earbuds for music but when I do it is enjoyable and the sound comes through clean and crisp.

Overall, I have no issue recommending the SoundLiberty Pro P10 ANC Hybrid TWS Earbuds to anyone who wants a low priced headset with some cool features. Finally, check out our other audio reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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