Soundcore Liberty 4 Earphones Review

Soundcore Liberty 4 Earphones



The Soundcore Liberty 4 Earphones offer crisp, clear sound via ACAA 3.0 Coaxial Acoustic System. 360° Immersive Spatial Audio with Music and Movie Modes. CloudComfort Ear Tips for Long-Lasting Comfort. All-New Heart Rate Sensor with Soundcore App. HearID Personalized Active Noise Cancelling. 9/28 Hours of Playtime for All-Day Listening.

As far as controls that (almost) no one seems to bother, there is not even an option to customise the call experience/buttons behaviour during calls. Only this is a deal breaker as one of the pros of these earbuds is the microphone quality, so you get them for the calls. You cant set a button to mute the mic or hold an active call. The add-on of press and hold would solve these issues with the proper implementation of these features on the app & firmware.

The sound quality is OK. I would say that I prefer them over the AirPods Pro2, but still my Jabra 75t sound (much) better than both of them. Bass is there, but it’s not deep or loud enough not only compared to the Q35s that literally sake your ears, but also compared to the t75s it’s just not there. Mids and highs sound good, and the sound is balanced and rich with a touch of bass but wearing them after wearing the Jabras for a few songs, they just sound bad, even after hours of EQing them… The separation might be a bit better depending on the genre you listen to but still jabras just sound better. To put it simply, all bass heads would prefer 75t over this pair, for casual listening during calls they perform more than enough.

I tried to love the spatial audio feature. Sometimes the effect is good and some depth and extra bass is present but most of the time it just lowers the overall sound quality, especially at higher volume., That’s not the case with AirPods Pro 2 spatial audio makes a huge difference for the better in most cases. I found it nice while connected to the TV to test Dolby Atmos.

Soundcore Liberty 4 Earphones Review

ANC is good in almost all conditions. Very good during flights, good for distant and constant noises, but not effective at a crowded coffee shop. Voices just can’t be fully muted with any ANC. Transparency is not on par with high-end earbuds like AirPods Pro/Pro 2.

They have a fair price/quality ratio but it’s not what most YouTubers present. The most impressive feature is the mic quality. It is really good & coupled with iPhone’s voice isolation mode you can walk on a busy street in NYC with workers, people and cars all around and no one will probably notice you are not calling them from your office, it’s that good.
The case is a true gem and Wireless charging is a big plus at this price range. The glossy inside is bad and so is the white led for the battery. The bar should just change colour to indicate the battery level Green-Orange-Red.

Fit and comfort are impressively good! One day I realised I had them on the “all day” because I got a battery low voice but for those that wear earrings be aware that they will hit the buds during walking and it’s annoying.

Connectivity is good but for me, it has been a bit hit or miss. Still trying to figure out if switching from Macbook to an iPhone call works. Sometimes during calls, they just switch to MacBook output even if nothing is playing and once they switched to iPhone speaker even if I selected them as output. I had to disconnect them from MacBook to make the call. I’ll have to test this more to be sure.

The lack of customising the call experience & use of press and hold to adjust the volume (which could be fixed over a firmware update) is a big NO for me. If I knew it I would probably not buy them as this ruins their best feature (mic quality) and makes it hard to control everything (play/pause/skip track-previous track/ volume up -down/ and on-transparency/ voice assistant) without using my phone/watch so that’s bad for a new pair of buds.

Overall, the Soundcore Liberty 4 Earphones are a nice pair, but maybe not perfect.

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