Sonic and Tails Cable Guys Review

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What’s shaped like Sonic and Tails and can hold a Switch? The Sonic and Tails Cable Guys by Exquisite Gaming.

Sonic and Tails Cable Guy Review

The Sonic and Tails Cable Guys are a must-have for any Switch user who likes to have it on a stand while they play. Now you can have a practical controller stand that also serves as a decorative piece, and goes nicely with any gaming set up.

Sonic and Tails Cable Guy Review

This stand can also be used for mobile phones and controllers. The build quality is great, and is very stable. It also is difficult to knock over, so you can feel safe with your switch there. Well made of hard resin, detailed, very nicely painted and placed on a stable round base so no worries of it toppling over. It looks great and very professional.

When not using the Sonic or Tails Cable Guy to game with, I will leave my Pro or PS4 controller on it for easy access. The included cable can then be used to charge my device. There are gaps between the legs and arms which are great for cable management.

I can’t fault its build quality or design. My phone, my remote and my various video game controllers all sit well in his hands and feel secure.
The paint job on the figure is excellent and I have no complaints there either. Overall a quality product. Finally, check out our other gaming reviews. Also, don’t forget to check on our Twitter and Facebook.

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