Slice Manual Pen Cutter Review

Slice Manual Pen Cutter



The Slice Manual Pen Cutter is a versatile tool. Its handle features a rubberized slider button. This means two cutting depths, so you can choose the right amount of blade exposure for each job. This pen cutter can be used as a safety box cutter or an all-purpose tool. Keep it handy with the integrated lanyard hole. Or you can purchase the 10511 Pen Cutter Clip (sold separately) to clip it to a pocket. Slice’s compatible finger-friendly® safety blades are non-sparking, non-magnetic, chemically inert, and never rust.

Slice Manual Pen Cutter Review

The Slice Pen Cutter is a sleek and compact tool. Its the perfect size to slip into a bag or just a drawer in the house. Don’t be put off by its size though, as this can cut any box I have thrown at it.

The blade is made out of a ceramic material, this is a great choice as it stays sharp 10 times longer than standard metal blades. The blade is finger-friendly, so its safe to use when opening your parcels. It felt flimsy so I tested by dropping it a couple of times, and yet it still works and didn’t break.

The shallow cut depth means that I don’t have to worry about cutting the items inside the packaging.

Slice Manual Pen Cutter Review

Overall, the Slice Manual Pen Cutter is a must-have for people that receive packages. It’s sleek, durable and has a shallow cutting depth.

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