Skull & Co Steam Deck Back Button Enhancement Set

Skull & Co Steam Deck Back Button Enhancement Set



If you’re part of the gaming community that revels in the Steam Deck’s versatility but craves a more refined control experience, the Skull & Co Steam Deck Back Button Enhancement Set may be your next essential upgrade. We’ve had the opportunity to put this add-on through its paces and are keen to share the results.

The package includes four back buttons, 20 tapes for attachment, and an instruction booklet. The attention to detail in the packaging ensures that you get all the components you need for immediate installation, without clutter or excess.

Skull & Co deserves commendation for the quick installation process. The back button enhancement set adheres to the Steam Deck effortlessly, thanks to the nano adhesive tapes. Removing the set leaves no sticky residue, which is a refreshing detail that shows thoughtful design.

Where this set truly shines is in its ergonomic design. The arcuated build offers an anti-slip angle that significantly improves your grip on the Steam Deck. Coupled with the heightened back buttons, the design promotes a more natural hand placement and minimizes fatigue during extended gaming sessions.

Skull & Co Steam Deck Back Button Enhancement Set

Skull & Co Steam Deck Back Button Enhancement Set

The set enhances the tactile experience of the back paddle buttons, which already distinguishes this set as a must-have for serious gamers. With the Skull & Co’s back buttons, the paddle feels more distinct, making it easier to locate by touch alone.

Another feather in its cap is compatibility. The set can be fitted onto a Steam Deck with or without a protective case, providing flexibility in how you use it.

Though the installation process is straightforward, the set comes with detailed instructions that note essential aspects such as the different shapes of the R4 L4 and R5 L5 buttons. Following the guidelines on adhesive application is vital to achieve optimal adhesion.

Skull & Co claims that this enhancement set will optimize your gaming experience, and they aren’t kidding. The buttons increase responsiveness by shortening pressing intervals, allowing for quicker in-game reactions. This is especially beneficial in fast-paced games where every millisecond counts.

The Skull & Co Steam Deck Back Button Enhancement Set is an innovative gadget built by gamers, for gamers. It optimizes grip, improves tactile feel, and elevates your overall gaming experience. If you’re looking to overcome the original limitations of the Steam Deck’s back buttons, this upgrade is worth every penny.

While no product is perfect, the Skull & Co Steam Deck Back Button Enhancement Set comes close, ticking almost all the boxes for what one would look for in a gaming gadget upgrade. We deducted one point for the need to closely follow the installation instructions, but that’s a minor inconvenience for a product that otherwise vastly improves your gaming experience.

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