Skinny Tan Notox Moisturising Face Tanning Drops Review

Skinny Tan Notox Moisturising Face Tanning Drops



Skinny Tan Notox Moisturising Face Tanning Drops were created by real women, for real women. Invented by two mums who were driven by a passion to combine the best of skincare with a tan that could be applied so quickly and easily that it would fit into even the most hectic lifestyle. We’ve worked hard to overcome the barriers of traditional tanners to deliver a result so flawless and easy to achieve that anyone can do it!

Build your most natural bronzed glow all year round with the Notox Face Tanning Drops from Skinny Tan. A hydrating gradual tanner that is filled with youth-boosting and skin-firming qualities.

Formulated with the iconic skinny tan coconut and vanilla scent, in addition to aloe vera to soothe and hydrate skin, and guarana extract to invigorate and revitalise, the Notox face tanning drops will leave you with a flawlessly bronzed and radiant complexion.

Skinny Tan Notox Moisturising Face Tanning Drops Review

With the youth-boosting qualities of vegan collagen to help regain skin firmness and tone, this non-pore-blocking formula is transfer-proof and long-lasting! The customisable glow is made easy with the drop applicator and can be mixed with your current skincare routine.

Customise your glow by adding a few fake tan face drops into your daily oil-free moisturiser for a beautifully radiant result that develops over 6-8 hours. Add 4 drops for a subtle glow, 8 drops for a medium tan or 12 drops for a deeper result.

Combining hydrating and nourishing skincare elements with fake tan products helps you be a bronzed beauty all year round. All our products are Cruelty-Free, Vegan and Paraben Free with up to 99% Naturally Derived ingredients to ensure a flawless application every time.

Overall, I am a great fan of the Skinny Tan Notox Moisturising Face Tanning Drops.

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