Sensibo AirQ Air Quality Sensor Review

Sensibo AirQ Air Quality Sensor



The Sensibo AirQ Air Quality Sensor employs an air quality sensor that is capable of detecting levels of TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) and CO₂ (Carbon Dioxide) in your air.

The AirQ gives you all of the smart AC functionality as the Sensibo Air but provides you with live air quality readings that alert you to pollution levels in your home. PureBoost technology is unique to Sensibo devices. It allows our smart controllers to communicate. When pollution is detected the Sensibo AirQ activates your Shield protected AC fan or your Sensibo Pure air purifier to filter your air.

Sensibo AirQ Air Quality Sensor Review

It’s capable of detecting TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), CO₂ & Ethanol. Additionally the AirQ will tell you what the concentration of each pollutant is in your air as well as a status of your indoor air quality. CO₂ is a byproduct of breathing, and on its own is a harmless gas.

But when we spend too much time in poorly ventilated rooms CO₂ levels can reach levels that cause neurological side effects. Primarily these side effects are things like recurring headaches, loss of focus, fatigue and in serious cases even fainting.

Removing CO₂ from your air is extremely easy. Studies show that opening a window for 10 minutes is enough to replenish your living space with fresh air and reduce concentrations of CO₂ and TVOC.

Overall, the Sensibo AirQ Air Quality Sensor is a must-have for any smart home.

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