Sea King Nintendo Switch Review

Sea King Nintendo Switch



On Sea King on Nintendo Switch, take your ship to sea and challenge your friends for the title of ‘Sea King’. Play with 3 other friends or against the brutally clever AI or against both friends and AI. No party is complete without a naval fighting game. The victor wins brag rights.

Sea King Nintendo Switch Review

Sea King hails back to the pirate games I used to play as a kid. You have a top-down view and must traverse a seascape of rocks, islands and pirates. Spotting an enemy you sail towards them and then shoot a barrage of cannonball fire at them.

Sea King Nintendo Switch Trailer

Sea King ramps up the fun by adding 12 different game modes. Each game mode is fun and unique in its way. You use the face buttons to fire in the direction of the button. It did take a little while to get used to but was fun after learning. I did find playing with 4 friends was a lot more fun than playing alone.

Sea King Nintendo Switch Review

I love the look of this game, its got a children’s cartoon colour palette to it. Each character was easy to identify even in the fray. The animation of the waves and sea felt a lot like Link Wind Waker. The overall look felt very Saturday cartoons and even the enemies were adorable.

This is another game where the music feels like an afterthought. Also, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as the whats happening on the game takes most of your attention. This is a game aimed at grabbing the attention of the younger players.

Sea King Nintendo Switch Review

I prefer playing the game in docked mode, as the TV was large enough to see everything that was happening. I felt handheld mode suffered purely because the screen is too small.

Overall, Sea King on Nintendo Switch is a fun game for the whole family. The look and animation are all catered to a younger audience and will keep them entertained for a long time.

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